HBD-bound Hive Layer and Added Utility for Hive Dollars

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While engaging this post by @khaleelkazi on improving PolyCUB treasury, I joined the thread od discussion by @emma001 who outlined how stablecoins have become the focus of today's crypto investment.

Interesting ways to earn protocol revenue for pHBD with the on-chain savings and on polycub. The boost and attention PolyCub has been getting since pHBD launch has been nice. pHBD bringing out every thing positive and why stable coins are so important

@shortsegments on his part buttressed that stable coins are the most widely used cryptocurrency tokens on the planet, and how promoting Hive's stable coin will increase usage of and price of Hive, along with all other Hive-Engine tokens whose value is delineated in Hive. His contribution was key and it roused a question in my heart which motivates this post;

With these development, would we look forward to a Hive layer that will use SWAP.HBD or HBD as the main currency of trade?

I'm so excited about pHBD and I can't thank @LeoFinance enough for thinking this creativity and giving Hive an edge in times like this. We're just beginning a journey into the future and it can only get better as more utility for HBD would emerge to make it more stronger. So far, communities like @Hivelist, @Actifit and others are already creating utility for HBD in addition to LeoFinance. This I suppose should chart a whole new direction on the functionality od HBD and would only lead to more utilities.

We understand that we'll always need to sell HIVE for HBD to be created and this is awesome as it is a scarce stablecoin with a rising utility.

Really cool to learn how HBD would bring mass adoption to Hive. First as it saves us from the volatility jerks, its a safe bid for corporate organizations to invest in.

The opportunity that HBD has is truly amazing. We could see HBD become one of the most utilized stablecoins. source

I think this is where we're still lacking. In fact, HBD utilization just began. With PolyCUB providing deep liquidity, I'm sure that utility would grow in the coming weeks. However, I think we need a layer that fully maximized HBD.

Hive-engine, Hive's second layer utilizes Hive as the main token of operation and the base token for trade. I think at this point we need a layer (similar to Hive-engine) that would fully utilize HBD for all of its transactions in a bid to added a heavy use case for HBD. We know that millions of Hive are traded on Hive-engine on daily basis. This can be replicated for HBD.

As stablecoins enthusiasts begin to put HBD and related wraps on their investment radar, we hope that more can be unraveled from this oldest algo-stablecoin to our best advantage within the Hive blockchain.

A beautiful example to learn from is the wrapped HBD on Polygon which is generating a lot of revenue for PolyCUB. Daily deposit/withdrawal of Hive to/fro Hive-engine also generates a lot of cash with 0.25 t0 1% fee. Seeing this happening with HBD can mean a whole new face for this undervalued stablecoin.

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A big thank you @uyobong for this great eye opening, so great and exciting to see the amazing creativity, looking at pHBD, i also do believe , that this will give hive an edge in time as such as this. this is lovely and if the beginning is this promising, i see the bright future and just like he said it will only get better as more utility for HBD emerges to give more strength.

I think this is where we're still lacking. In fact, HBD utilization just began. With PolyCUB providing deep liquidity, I'm sure that utility would grow in the coming weeks. However, I think we need a layer that fully maximized HBD.

I absolutely agree with you sir, there is need for a layer that will fully maximize HBD, thanks for having me

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The more we can utilize HBD, the more stable it becomes and this would build more layers of liquidity for investors.

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