Hive Curation Capacity Watch: LEO, SPORTS, SPORTS, CTP & LIST Tokens

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Hi Hivians and do have a splendid read of my Hive token curation stat synopsis. I have discovered that curation is an awesome way of earning from Hive while helping to build the community. All curators are investors and they actually give value to the tokens by allowing their tokens to be held as stakes in the blockchain. Without users holding stakes of HIOVE and other tokens, it would have been literally impossible to reward content crreators.

While I so admired curators on HIVE, I had been wandering when I will also have funds to invest in the blockchain to reward others who are joining new. I am glad that Hive tribes came onboard and we could also curate with Hive tokens to help users earn additional tokens to their HIVE earnings.

The Hive tokens are quite cheaper when compared to HIVE and this will help low income users to also invest in HIVE through the tokens. With Hive tokens, I too feel like a whale as I am able to give some tangible value to contents created by other users. Some of the tokens which were almost valueless some months ago are beginning to gain some tangible value currently.

SO far, I have invested in LEO, SPORTS, CHARY, CTP and LIST tokens and I am happy to hold stakes of the tokens that give some tangible upvotes. Below is table detailing my stakes and upvote worth of the tokens.

S/NTokenToken StakeToken Upvote ValueUpvote worth (HIVE)Upvote worth (USD)
1.LEO27, 1505.77 LEO0.96 HIVE$ 0.23
2.SPORTS2.39 million13,900 SPORTS0.57 HIVE$ 0.13
3.CHARY10, 000269 CHARY8.34 HIVE$ 1.95
4.CTP1, 8000.85 CTP0.042 HIVE$ 0.01
5.LIST3, 00063 LIST0.315 HIVE$ 0.07
6.HIVE3, 0000.03 HBD0.12 HIVE$ 0.03
TOTAL10.34 HIVE$ 2.43

I am sure that you are amazed that a summation of my HIVE token holdings in stake is able to give upvotes worth $2.43 in all (this computations were made earlier today at about 12:00, GMT+1).

You see, though holding Hive Power less than 2,000, I am able to upvote posts with my Hive token stakes in such a way that my upvote is as weighty as a user who has 100,000 HP. This is just the beginning oif the amazing things that is happening in HIVE through community curation.

I am looking forward to seeing HIVE becoming the common man's bitcoin, and that soon.

About the Hive Tokens Staked for curation

Disclaimer: This is not a financial/investment advice. It is just my conviction about LEO, SPORTS, CHARY, CTP and LIST tokens. Always make your personal research before investing in Cryptocurrencies.

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