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KEY FACT: The goal for the year is to hit 2 million impressions in 3 months.

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Starting is a thing, but continuing is another. Success however comes as a result of doing the two. My journey towards building a strong profile on Web2 social media began in November 2023 because of the push by INLEO community on Hive. The motivation is a worthy one - to help me market my web3 product and brand. Without a doubt, web3 brands that have a sustainable roadmap are worthy of all the marketing effort they can ever earn. Hive blockchain is one of such brands and within it, are many brands built on the several layers of the Hive blockchain.

While the adoption of web3 may be very slow, it is believed that with a concrete presence on web3, we who believe in web3 can collectively create a meaningful impression that makes adoption easier and more appealing. From 2018 when I first joined web3, it was difficult to relate to the web2 environment. When we compare the speed of transaction (as in Hive), the privacy of users, and feeless operations in web3 to the opposite scenario in web2 counterpart platforms, one can clearly tell why it is hard to build a web2 presence as a web3 user.

It is exciting that since November 2023 to date, there has been a significant improvement in my engagement on X which is evidenced in the X analytics stats. This is the 8th week already in 2024 and trying to stabilize the new heights of engagement is the goal.

134k Organic Impression in 7 Days

Over the week from Sunday, February 18th to Saturday, February 24, I was able to hit 134k organic impressions on X (Twitter). That was no mean feat. This is a swift move from 65.9K impressions in the previous week. Growing from an average of 9.4K impressions per day to 19.2k is more than double.

The Stats for Week 8, 2024

My X profile registered significant growth and improvement over the last week (11th to 17th February 2024). See the stats below and upgrades in comparison with the previous week:

  • Impressions: 134,000 (12% from the previous week)
  • Engagement rate: 0.2% (-35%)
  • Profile visits: 88 (40%)
  • Link clicks: 0 (-100%)
  • New followers: 32 (146%)
  • Replies: 18 (-42%)
  • Likes: 63 (-63%)
  • Reposts: 3 (-86%)
  • Video views: 0
  • Media views: 3 (0%)

February 2024 in Summary

Being the last day of the month, I decided to cover this report today to capture the entire month. February was a big month with my Twitter engagement stats. Reaching 377k impressions over the 29 days was amazing. 11k average daily impression is the highest I've gotten over a month-long period. This is a sign of a bigger future.

Moving unto March, there is a huge demand to sustain the momentum and keep the numbers on or above 11k daily impressions. I think 20k daily impression is also possible on the long run toward the goal of accumulating at least 2 million impressions in 3 months.

Let's do it again!

Above is the outlook of my X Account. Thanks to INLEO for inspiring the need to build this profile and make it marketable.

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No doubt about Web 2 and Web 3 block chain. I am safe to say it is indeed a worth investment. Congratulations and more to come

Yeah. More of building a social profile.

The first 3 metrics are green with a nice %age. You are doing great man..
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Thanks mate.

You're doing great on X! Could I use that text divider? I kinda liked it. Please do let me know if I have to provide credits.

Oh, definitely. Sorry for the late reply. You can use it. It's for the community.