Solving the SPAMINATOR problem

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This post can also be read in Portuguese

If you're also getting downvotes from Spaminator, don't worry, I'll fix this for you.

Or rather, I will try to help you on how you can resolve, since the owners of the robot told me that only the account owner himself can ask for the revocation of the negative vote.

HiveWatchers is responsible for the Spaminator Bot and can solve your problem

Where do I start?

First, you will have to access their server on Discord, which is fine because you can click directly on this link and it will open through the browser, you don't need to download anything

There you will have several channel options, but the first is the one that is highlighted in the image below. If your problem is simple, and the bot is voting for you by mistake, * spaminator-appeals * will be enough for everything to be resolved.

If it is more complex, you will need to visit the * queries * and * phishing * channels above.

Is it quick to resolve

There are situations that yes, mine as we can see in the image was a simple problem that occurred when I was absent from the platform.

However, there are others that are a little more complicated, and that unfortunately we cannot help, since they only allow, as previously stated, that the person himself go after knowing the reason and ask for the removal.

When I went to try to help a Venezuelan user, I was informed about, as we can see in the image below.

How can I help you?

Thinking of a way to help users who have this same problem and have no idea how to solve it, I will try to help by sending them my post with the step by step how to solve it.

Through Hive Blocks, I will filter out some users who may be being harmed, analyzing where Spaminator is giving low negative votes and creating a post with a table of how many users have this problem and how many we can help.

I hope I could have helped someone with this guide, and if possible reblog so that it has more reach and can reach more people.

Se você também está recebendo downvotes do Spaminator, não se preocupe que resolverei isso pra você.

Ou melhor, tentarei te auxiliar sobre como você pode resolver, uma vez que os donos do robô me disseram que somente o próprio dono da conta pode pedir a revogação do voto negativo.

HiveWatchers é o responsável pelo Spaminator Bot e pode resolver o seu problema

Por onde eu começo?

Primeiramente, você terá que acessar o servidor deles no Discord, o que é tranquilo pois você pode clicar diretamente nesse link e ele abrirá pelo navegador, não precisa baixar nada

Lá terá várias opções de canais, porém o primeiro é a que esta destacada na imagem abaixo. Caso o seu problema seja simples, e o bot está votando por engano em você, o spaminator-appeals será suficiente para que tudo se resolva.

Caso seja algo mais complexo, você precisará visitar os canais acima queries e phishing.

É rápido para resolver?

Há situações que sim, a minha como podemos ver na imagem foi um simples problema que ocorreu quando eu estava ausente da plataforma.

Porém há outros que são um pouco mais complicado, e que infelizmente não podemos ajudar, uma vez que eles só permitem como dito anteriormente, que a própria pessoa vá atrás de saber o motivo e peça a remoção.

Quando fui tentar ajudar auma usuária venezuelana, me foi informado sobre, como podemos ver na imagem abaixo.

Como posso ajudar?

Pensando em uma maneira de ajudar usuários que estão com esse mesmo problema e não faz a menor ideia de como resolver, vou tentar ajudar enviando para eles essa minha postagem com o passo a passo de como resolver.

Através do Hive Blocks, vou filtrar alguns usuários que possam estar sendo prejudicados, analisando onde o Spaminator está dando votos negativos de valor baixo e criar uma postagem com uma tabela de quantos usuários estão com esse problema e quantos conseguimos ajudar.

Espero que possa ter ajudado alguém com esse guia, e se possível reblog para que tenha mais alcance e possa chegar a mais pessoas.

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Dei reblog.

Legal que até eles deram upvote no post! :D

Mandei mensagem lá ontem à noite, mas por enquanto ainda nada...

Edit: e neste comentário ainda teve downvote. Então ainda não foi feito nada mesmo.

Edit 2: mandei outra mensagem, e acho que agora resolveu. No meu caso, eles "não gostaram" que eu publicava duas versões do mesmo post (uma em Português e outra em Inglês). Sempre achei que assim ficasse mais fácil para os leitores que não entendem um dos dois idiomas lerem o conteúdo, em vez de terem que ficar vasculhando a página à procura do texto no idioma que eles entendem. Mas parece que isso não é bem-visto por aqui e eles consideram como spam. Então, de agora em diante vou passar a colocar os dois idiomas no mesmo post. Fica o aviso pra outros usuários que escrevem em mais de um idioma.

I was on Steemit and I lost my keys. So I haven't been on since 2019 the last time, and 2017 prior. I recently found my keys and I didn't even know that HIVE was formerly Steem. I don't even know the whole story. But somehow, my post was downvoted? I went to the discord but I can only type in GENERAL.

In General, there is an option called # off-topic try there, if this option is not showing you may be on the wrong server, see if the server name is HiveWatchers

The link to the server is this:

Thanks for the tweet, i will re-tweet with my account

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This is a great post. It's exactly how to deal with Spaminator ... Simply come and talk!

Thanks for your support, means a lot for small accounts like me

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That community is a burden to all hivers specially for the new one. Are they really helping hivers get lost in their blacklist? Or they just want some hivers to perished on it. They want to follow those f*cking steps to remove from the blackis that last for too long to be approved. Making a post of apology in public is not bad, but it's too much. Why you can't make this all private? Why? Because may be they wanted to be praise by other people that they caught this person doing something wrong? Is that a yes?

You are making some hivers to walk ayaw, why you just help them and correct their doings for good so that they won't go out on this platform.

Without your respect, I also noticed that some of the members of this community commented over reacting to those hivers who were accused as spammer, ect..

May be they (accused) just forgot to put some words or symbols quotation for the post they made. Just like what you said, "you are just people making mistakes", what about those accused hivers? Are they not people that they can't commit mistakes?"

Please review first the background of this hivers before accusing them. Some or may be most of them just want to find their luck in #Hive don't refuse this opportunity to give them a chance to pursue this little thing to accomplish their goal.

I am so sorry for this comment I made, I am a newbie here, I am just showing what what I feel about this community. It's my first time to do it coz I'm a lone person I don't want to get involved on it but my heart wants to make it more meaningful to burst on this feelings for my fellow hivers who were accused. So sorry.

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Well, let's see what happens, I already asked for help because spaminator votes, votes and continues to negatively vote everything, absolutely everything I do on Hive.

Unfortunately, they have blocked me from the discord channel because I insulted them because the negative vote from a robot seemed too unfair to me and if it were up to me that the owner of that account was going to live a real life, they would never go back to me revoke negative feedback

I will try contact them for remove the block

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I appreciate the help you give me

The link for Discord does not working for me, @vempromundo. It says "Invitation expired". What else can I do? Thank you in advance!

It's the worst I've seen in almost 2 years of using hive. I turned off the power when this appeared. Hive is no longer special to me

Nothing, my friend. I used to love and love the hive platform, I used to do everything with everyone to make hive bold and special. And the arrival of the spaminator and the hivewhatcher made me throw this sentiment away immediately on all platforms related to hive, leofinance, peak, ecency. Sometimes I come back to withdraw money

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What about talk to them and solve your problem? Its simple and quick. If you need help, contact me.

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