HeyGen AI-generated lip-sync translations are insane, could completely replace dubbing of movies eventually

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HeyGen bietet AI-generierte, Lippen-synchrone Übersetzungen von Videos an, wobei sowohl die Stimme als auch die Emotionen und die Person selbst erhalten bleiben.

Habe mir ein paar Beispiel-Videos angesehen und die Qualität ist schon ziemlich beeindruckend und ein sinnvoller Einsatz und Weiterentwicklung der Deep-Fake-Technologie.

Die Frage ist natürlich, ob es für den professionellen Einsatz gut genug ist, aber kann mir schon vorstellen, dass man damit das ein oder andere Video in Zukunft extrem authentisch übersetzen kann und zwar zu extrem niedrigen Kosten. Enorme Produktivitätssteigerung.

Die Stimme klingt manchmal noch ein bisschen künstlich, roboterhaft (fällt aber nach einiger Zeit kaum auf) und bei der deutschen Übersetzung hackt es noch ein bisschen.

So wird das englische Idiom "There we go" im unteren Video wörtlich mit "da gehen wir" übersetzt, was natürlich Blödsinn ist.

Eine bessere Übersetzung wäre zum Beispiel "geht doch", "na bitte" oder "da haben wir's".

Ok, da haben wir's. Was sagt ihr zu lippen-synchronen Übersetzung mit der selben Stimme wie das Original mit HeyGen?

HeyGen AI-generated speakers and lip-sync translation






HeyGen offers AI-generated, lip-sync translations of videos, preserving both the voice and the emotions and the person themselves.

Watched a few sample videos and the quality is quite impressive and a useful use and advancement of deep fake technology.

The question is, of course, whether it is good enough for professional use, but I can already imagine that many videos will be translated extremely authentically with it in the future and at extremely low cost. Enormous increase in productivity.

The voice sometimes still sounds a bit artificial, robotic (but hardly noticeable after a while) and there are still some issues with the German translation.

For example, the English idiom "There we go" is literally translated as "da gehen wir" in the video below, which is of course incorrect.

A better translation would be, for example, "geht doch", "na bitte" or "da hast wir's".

Okay, there we go. What do you say to lip-sync translation with the same voice as the original person with HeyGen?

Live your Secrets and Hive Prosper 🍯

xx Viki @vikisecrets


I think it's nice to see and it would solve a few of the issues but I am not sure about it's impact on the industry as a whole. I guess it could save time for companies and cut people out of some jobs.

Language academies are going to suffer a lot. 😅

It may not be ready quite yet for mass production, give a year or two are translation dub overs will be a thing of the past! Pretty damn cool!

There will be insane competition between video creators, I mean even more than what it currently is !

HeyGen seems to be making strides in video translation with AI lip synchronization, which is promising. Although there are challenges like artificial-sounding voices and translation issues, in the future, this technology could be valuable for productivity and authenticity in video translation.

Ziemlich beeindruckend!

There will be no need for those movie subtitles anymore with by the flick of a parameter the actor/actress could speak a foreign language. I won't be able to make fun of those Asian to 'Engrish subtitles' anymore.

Every day, technology advances more and more, of course, this allows an advance for society and a saving.
It is very good for interpersonal communication.
It will be very good to apply them in the videos so that the information reaches more people in different languages.
Greetings, @vikisecreets, and many successes.


@vikisecrets! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @thehockeyfan-at. (1/1)

AI is doing a lot and also taking our jobs
I just hope that things go well

AI is extr ordinary.

Truly AI is changing the world

I see movie or drama in my easy language, there are little mistakes in them like you are pointing in your post

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