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RE: Justin Sun Running A Ponzi Scheme With USDD

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The biggest problem here is the lack of decentralization. Justin Sun seem to have a need to be in control of his "decentralized" projects far more than most other cryptocurrencies built by VC or other corporate entities.

This is a good time to get our marketing to work. I would fully support spending from DHF to have effective ad campaigns to get people more interested in what we have in the HIVE ecosystem. I think games are the best gateway. Other than that, @dbuzz and HBD could be a very powerful tool to generate investor interest. Bear markets are the best times to build great things. We should be doing more work on getting ourselves known the the larger public.

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Yes the centralization by Sun is an issue. Of course, as you mentioned, that is all he cares about. That is how he can "Steal" so much simply by running the validators and vote himself all proposals.

As for Hive, there is still a lot of infrastructure required. We are making progress but it will take time. To prevent a UST or USDD, HBD needs a solid foundation built. This includes a lot more than just simply offering a ROI on staking.

That said, we also have to keep increasing the long- term value of $HIVE. Again, this is something that USDD and UST did not do.

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Making it easy to accept HIVE and HBD for purchases is one of the best things we can do. BTC have massive transaction fees when the network is congested. Lightning Network has its own hassles. HIVE on the contrary does not have transaction fees. This is such an excellent proposition. USDT has been doing extremely well on Tron with its lack of fees. Even if we cannot immediately get people to accept HBD, we could try getting them to accept pegged assets that are on HIVE-Engine without having to go through complex wallet addresses and fees. Usernames and feeless can transform the user experience in cryptocurrency.

Been writing a lot about how to get value to HBD. One of the keys is payment, not only commercial but also for financial. We also need derivatives made.

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good points!

Thank you!