STEEM is An Ally of HIVE + BLURT for Search Engine Optimization

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Decentralization is difficult to reverse. It is true that Justin Sun is a mega whale and has managed to control STEEM blockchain by misleading centralized exchanges. Steemit Inc, is a centralized company that operate a centralized front end to STEEM blockchain. I don't know any decentralized front ends for STEEM, BLURT or HIVE. It is a very difficult task to pull off. As long as there are multiple individual parties willing to operate a blockchain front end, most users will not have to worry about P2P decentralized front ends.

What Are Backlinks?

There are accounts such as @penguinpablo and @themarkymark who have been censored from the front end. This is how the account appear on the block explorer:


Most Users Are Free to Add Backlinks

Justin Sun cannot afford to play Whac-A-Mole with a massive user base at this point. It possible to quietly keep adding backlinks through posting on STEEM. A very easy backlink anyone with a STEEM account can add is the website link on the bio.


Google PageRank for Steemit

Google PageRank.png

Backlinks from higher ranking websites have higher weight. A link from Steemit to a HIVE or BLURT front end can help with SEO.

Google PageRank for LeoFinance

Google PageRank LeoFinance.png

Earning Cryptocurrency Through Cross Posting

I find myself linking to DAPPs and other articles while writing. It comes very naturally. It takes only a few seconds to copy and paste it to Steemit. Due to the way STEEM is built, it is difficult to control what users can do (compared to traditional social media like Facebook or Reddit).

Power Down.png

HIVEEngine Deposit.png

Trade STEEM on HIVE-Engine

The trading volume is $211 for the last 24 hours. Don't expect to make large trades. Place few orders and let time take care of the matters.

Place Order.png

Think Smart and Use All The Help You Can Get

Usually it is difficult to get backlinks from high ranking websites. Steemit does not have that problem. You are not getting a backlink; you are posting the link yourself. As long as you have some STEEM powered up, you have the right to do that. It takes only a few minutes every week. Getting backlinks through posting on STEEM is worth giving a shot for most projects IMO.

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Can I asked you a question, what tools did you use to determine the Google page rank and the cPR scores.