Taking Part in Music Promoter Missions Again and Exploring Hivelist Merchandise

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It has been a long time since I completed a Music Promoter Mission. The short and incomplete explanation I can provide about the Mission is that it is a way to burn STARBITS to gain STARPRO. Sometimes the amount of STARPRO earned as rewards is larger that what one would gain from trading on HIVE-Engine or a Diesel Pool for swapping.

There are many use cases for STARPRO when playing the game. If you plan to do be a part of Festival World Tour or complete Music Lessons that give more 100 or more Skill, you need STARPRO. There are some Cards and Special Missions that require STARPRO. There is even a 10% bonus earnings for STARBITS Millionaire Mission if you hold more than a specified STARPRO balance in the account.

Deposit STARBITS to Account

When you make a purchase from the market (whether it is Cards or Booster Packs), the cryptocurrency that is used must be in the HIVE-Engine. This is a Layer 2 of HIVE. Until @vsc.network launch their Layer 2 with smart contacts, HIVE-Engine is the only way (AFAIK) to get additional functionality beyond blockchain social media functionality.

When you are doing other actions within the game, STARBITS and STARPRO must be deposited into the game. What happen behind the scenes is that you sign and transaction to send Tokens to a wallet controlled by the developers (@risingstar2) and game shows the value of the Tokens in the UI. Essentially you are giving the custody of your assets to @risingstargame. This is how most (if not all) the games operate on HIVE.

Add Upto Million STARBITS at Once

I do not plan on adding millions into Music Promoter in a single day. The reason the button exist is likely due to some STARBITS whales participating with large amounts of Tokens. The option to reach this Music Promoter is found on among the navigation bar at the top left of the screen. It is recommended to not make any Bids unless you have a large amount of STARBITS at hand. Not burning enough Tokens may lead to zero rewards being given to you.

As you can see, I avoided Bidding on the Missions with the highest cost. I don't see a need to try so hard when I only have 256,000 STARBITS. There are over 8,000 Missions happening everyday (it used to be much higher). @trentonlundy1 can have his fun. I didn't even last 20 minutes before all the STARBITS were used up.

The amount of STARPRO earned is based on the share of Missions completed while I had a Bid on them. Daily issuance of STARPRO used to 100 (or less based on the amount of STARBITS burned). I didn't check if things have changed. The important part is to make sure that you are going to earn at least 0.01 STARPRO which is around 14 cents at the moment.

Merchandise Available on Hivelist

@hivelist is an E-Commerce store that sell real products for cryptocurrency. They do not accept any fiat. I like this trend. We need to build our own P2P economy that does not depend on the traditional finance system. We have to be able to do great things while only using cryptocurrency. The technology we have is already better than what the banks and governments have. What we lack is the adoption.

If you are interested it the game, you can get started here for free and see if you like it. Install Keychain for the best experience with HIVE DAPPs. The developers updated the tool with a new UI and few extra features. Games are going to be a very big part of cryptosphere very soon due to the ability to onboard masses without forcing them to think about the complexities of cryptosphere and the world of investing. Be ready for the best parts of the bull market.

Happy Gaming! Happy Investing!

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