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RE: The CryptoManiacs Podcast - Episode 61-ish w/ Arcange

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Wow man this episode was really cool, this is actually the first time I saw @arcange I thought that I'd never see him haha so nice to understand a little bit more of this great project that I've being following from the first publication and I'm looking forward to see this technology implemented on different Dapps, in fact I'm really into the idea of having your own HAS server and just get access only by providing your name. It was so hilarious when @taskmaster4450 said "we need more paranoic people like you " lol. Thank you for bringing even more value to the table I'll stay tuned and looking forward to see more updates.


Appreciate you checking out the show :)

Yeah Task is actually one of the funniest guys on the blockchain, don't let his 'serious' videos fool ya lol