Tutorial: How to connect easily to the Binance Smart Chain

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Hello HODLers,

This is a quick tutorial to help newcomers and newbies to easily join the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network.

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BSC is a vibrant ecosystem with a lot of interesting DeFi projects such as Cubdefi.com, gaming such as My DeFiPet or other NFT projects.

I would love if you can watch it and subscribe to the channel and/or leave a comment.

How to connect easily to the Binance Smart Chain

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Great video! Thanks for sharing it! Question: Are you playing to My DeFiPet?

Yes I am. I started late and have 10 pets and 50 DPET. Don’t know if I should HODL them with the performance or farm new pets through breeding or level up. Very confusing as the tokenomics are not very clear imho.

Are you playing ?

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I'm not playing that game, but I hear more and more people talking about it and this moves my curiosity

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A very important lesson in getting connected with low-fee defi! Thank you for sharing.

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It is my pleasure to share. I know that you do not need this tutorial but some people might xD

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It was absolutely something I needed when I first started in it, it's hard to find reliable info sometimes on things in crypto.

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You confuze me. I have binance, and this is binance smart chain that 2 is not same?
I think is not same because i login normaly on binance but on plugin in brave browser ^binance smart chain i cant login. I need binance smart chain wallet for splinterlands, because i probably put wrong wallet (in brave eth wallet)...I try to get airdrops in game so need stake DEC in wallets (or im wrong)...

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Binance is an exchange and a token.

Binance Smart Chain is a blockchain that uses BNB as its native currency.

So Binance account and Binance Smart Chain are 2 different things.

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