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RE: Is your NFT illegal?

in LeoFinance7 months ago

I have a query @themarkymark and it is related to this post. I know I am just a small fish compared to you so perhaps I shouldn't make comparisons but regardless how informative this post could be I can see that:

  • you have written a post using 361 words (many of which is mentions of the Sec);
  • you have used 1 photo that I presume and I hope it is yours as there is no mention on the source;
  • you have upvoted yourself with buildawhale and there are others that follow you automatically.

So my simple query is... how can you be so hypocrite of downvoting me on every single post I write if you don't know how much effort I have put in it; you don't consider that English isn't my first language so clearly it costs me a bit more; photo editing, video editing, writing even more than you and just because it has reached "the same amount" of your posts you disagree and you continuously downvote me?
I know it is something you can do because it is a tool of this blog but seriously put your hand on your heart and think .... Do I really deserve it? I have stopped writing posts for 3 months because of you... I felt I wanted to give it a go again as this is the way I stress out and you just downvote me? It is not about the loss of value it is the principle of it. I would like to have your comment here as being on the blockchain everything will remain in the blockchain!


For instance I have received 94$ of Downvote. from Buildawhale. Instead of using all of you power why don't you have a chat with me? We are mature enough to have a conversation are we?