Everyone loves boobies: The Mexican Libertad

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The Mexican Libertad is a highly sought-after coin among collectors and investors. There are several reasons why people love these coins.

First and foremost, the Mexican Libertad is a beautiful coin. The design features the iconic Winged Victory statue, which is a symbol of Mexico's independence, as well as the Mexican coat of arms. This design is considered one of the most beautiful in the world of coins and is highly prized by collectors.

Another reason why people love the Mexican Libertad is its rarity. Unlike other coins, the Mexican mint only produces a limited number of Libertads each year, which makes them rare and valuable. This scarcity combined with the coin's beauty and historical significance, makes it a coveted item among collectors.

The Mexican Libertad is also considered a good investment. The coin's value tends to appreciate over time, which makes it a popular choice among investors. Additionally, the Mexican Libertad is made of pure silver or gold, which makes it a valuable commodity.


The Mexican Libertad is also considered a good way to diversify an investment portfolio. As it is not tied to any specific country's economy, it is considered a good hedge against inflation and currency fluctuations.


Lastly, the Mexican Libertad has cultural significance. It is a symbol of Mexico's independence and history, which makes it a special coin for people with Mexican heritage or who appreciate Mexico's culture.

Apart from the boobies, people love the Mexican Libertad for its beauty, rarity, cultural and historical significance, and investment potential. It is a coin that not only has aesthetic value but also holds sentimental and monetary value. It's a coin that is highly sought after by collectors and investors alike.


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Apparently France's Marianne's breasts were Liberated too.

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The Libertad coin is nice. Great for collecting !

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Yeah you are absolutely right. This coin and his design looks to much beautiful and amazing. I like to add this type of unique coins in my collection. As the price of silver and gold has increased significantly since last year and those who bought then can reap good profits. And if anyone still wants to invest then they can because in coming days we will see it going higher.

One of my favorites, I got me a silver 0z version but I'm looking to get a silver proof 1/10 for a special project