Draw Or Make A Leo Mascot! - Week Long Contest

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This is going to be open for a week as I will be on less over the next couple of weeks. I'll still pop in to check on the site and make some posts here and there but won't be running the daily contests the next week or so.

Now let's get to the contest!

I always go back and forth on how serious we should be on this site and how much fun we should have. On the one hand it is a financial blogging site so it makes sense to have a more professional tone but on the other it is a social site so let's be silly once in awhile and make friends. I mean look at doge coin, it is all memes and it is a top 50 coin.

So Leo much wow!

For this contest I want you to make me a mascot for the site. Preferably I would like it drawn or done on ms paint. It does not have to be good, in fact the worse it is the better. Real quality is welcome too of course but if you make a funny meme paint post you will probably get an upvote.

The mascot can be anything. I'm sure most of you will do cats from kittens to lions but you can do anything you want. It can be a giant bitcoin with a top hat on or a dancing elephant. Why a dancing elephant? I don't know, why does a tiger eat frost flakes, these things just happen.

I'll be picking winners randomly through the week. Everyone is free to enter!

Official rules:

1.) Upvote and share the post.
2.) Leave your picture in the comments.

And if you really don't want to draw anything you can also leave a written description in the comments as well.

Also let me know where you stand on how light we should keep it here, the area of social finance is pretty new so we are still forging our path.

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And before I forget, as a reply on this:

Also let me know where you stand on how light we should keep it here, the area of social finance is pretty new so we are still forging our path.

I often feel that this place could use a little more creativity. Can't help but feel that my posts are not really taken seriously on here, as I do not necessarily have a financial background but then again, that's probably my believe. I'm often feeling undervalued and am working hard to change that around.

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Drew / painted this 2 months ago, as an illustration for a Leofinance post on my shifting strategy on Hive, as a blogger/ crypto investor

As described in the above post, it was actually kind of a failure but I still liked the result so here you go.

Happy Holidays and let's keep this Lion roaring in 2021!

P.S. I'm actually focusing more and more on NFT art these days, so stopped posting on LEO for a bit. But, yesterday, I decided to share my NFT Showroom experience on here. If I remember it well, you were one of the people who talked about this months ago and decided me to dive in so thank you! :<)

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Hahaha oh my i can't call myself an artist so I'll miserably fail in this one, but I'll be looking forward to seeing the entries that'll come in, I'm sure @trumpman will have an epic entry, his heart bleeds of lions and cats.

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If it were me, I would do something with the constellation LEO. Maybe like instead of the stars it would be dollar signs and then some kind of analysis chart connecting the lines.

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Oh, this is nice I think. I have been missing out on the daily contest but I am glad to have seen this one. I hope to amaze you in a silly way hahaha. Thanks for the opportunity Whatageek

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what a beautiful initiative! I'm honestly not good at drawing, I hope to be able to create something decent! Woe to those who laugh at my creation! 😜😜😜

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Wow, this week's contest is great but I am not sure I will be getting a tick in this one as I am a failure when it comes to drawing but with your descriptions, I could come up with something a little bit silly.

Also let me know where you stand on how light we should keep it here, the area of social finance is pretty new so we are still forging our path.

I think a little fun here and there isn't bad since not everyone always have a financila post to always post every day.

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Please is this contest still ongoing??

i don't think so.

Please notify me whenever something like this comes up again..
Thanks 😊

You can still do it and get upvoted. Nothing is ever too late.
Notwithstanding, I will notify you next time.

here is my personal Leo Finance mascot! Created with Paint, we speak of a very low level but I can't do better than this!

Long live Leofinance!


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This is fun and perfect for an hour of relaxation. I'll be back with my entry soon. I'm not an artist, have zero drawing talent, so it'll be fun!

Merry Christmas!

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This is fun, I'll try it!

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I tried to draw something in microsoft paint, and it was embasrrassingly bad....
I hope the other contestants have better luck.
Ha Ha