GAMEE To Launch It's Own Coin For Hyper Casual Gaming

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If you have played games on your mobile odds are you have played a hyper casual game. Think of a game like Subway Surfers where you can pick it up and play a round for a minute and then put your phone down and go on with your day. Hyper casual games are great as they have no commitment required so work well on a phone and also come with that high score drive that made old school arcade games so popular. They also have the benefit of being easy to pick up and play so you don't have to be a gamer in order to get into them.

Well now you can play these games on your phone and maybe make some profit while doing it. The site GAMEE which is very popular for hyper casual games is looking to launch a coin by the end of this year in order to reward players in tournaments for their high scores they get in game. They already have a good selection of titles and being mobile these could be a huge adaptor for crypto.


The coin is looking to have a pre-sale this month and then will be airdropped for players on the GAMEE platform. From there I'm assuming you will be able to win them or earn them as you play games. Like any coin they will need reasons to spend and buy the coin if it will have any value. It is still too early to to tell the tokenomics of the coin but I will be keeping an eye out for it.

Crypto For The Masses

This is what we need to really bring in the crowds for crypto. As I mentioned before hyper casual gaming is a great way for any one with a phone to kill a few minutes when they are waiting for a bus. It doesn't have the depth of a lot of other games you will find on mobile but it is suitable for people of all skill levels. This could lead to millions of users overnight who are earning crypto and not even knowing what it is. This will also lead to a large percent of them learning how to use the market so they can cash out their coins (unless GAMEE comes with it's own markets).

This is an exciting story that I will follow and probably play myself to see if the potential is there to make some money playing a fun game on my phone. I'm not expecting crazy riches but you never know if they get the tokenomics right.

Check out this link for more info or to start playing causal games:

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Even gaming is getting tokenized, very soon no one will do anything for free anymore on the internet. This sounds interesting. I've tried getting to watch the video but it's not playing. I'm getting an "error"

Thanks for the heads up, I replaced the video.

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Hopefully they make it worth someone’s time. Users can become very fickle when it comes to in game earnings. Look interesting though. :)

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