SEO Tips And Tricks: How To Increase Views Of A Post By Making A Good Title

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The title of your post is very important when it comes to SEO. First off, as you can see in the Leo editor, the title of your post will be the name of your link. When people search for something on Google it is the title of the article that shows up and the first few words underneath. But really people only read the title and decide if it was they should click on or not. I know that I do. This means that you need a title that can help your article show up on a Google search as well as make it interesting enough that someone will click on it. It is a small thing that can really improve if your work is searched for.

The Importance Of Keywords

When you are posting about a topic it is important to have keywords in that title related to that topic that people are searching for. You want to talk about Ethereum have Ethereum in the title. From what I've read having the keywords at the front of the title effect the chances of how it will rank which I why I put SEO at the start of the title for this article. You don't want to make your title just a bunch of keywords and still have it be interesting and informative so people who are searching for it would want to click it.


Make It Appealing But Not Clickbait

DO NOT use dishonest clickbait. There are ways to sound engaging without resorting to lies. This will tarnish your blog and you might lose the interest of readers over time who clicked on your post and didn't get what they wanted to read. Instead focus on the topic at hand. You can use numbers as that can appeal to a lot of readers such as 10 tips to earn crypto in your sleep. This article is about increasing your views so I went with the straight forward how to, Anyone searching how to increase their views with SEO titles would be interested in reading this if they came across it.

SEO Is Competitive, Find A Niche

Now I know this post will probably not be in the front page of Google anytime soon as every is writing about SEO. It is a very popular topic and it will be hard to have your post make it overnight. But there are a lot of people around the world who use Google and everyone is searching for something different. There are more people searching for topics of your interest than you might think and writing a title for a topic that is less competitive can mean your article has a better chance of ranking higher and getting more views than if you wrote an article that has a lot of posts about it. Plus writing about your interests and areas of expertise will make for better articles.


Leo Needs Crypto Friends

Since we a finance and crypto site we need as many articles about other coins that people invest in to really build up this community. When you write posts about them add the coin in the title so your post can show up when people are searching for that coin.

Think About The Person Searching

Remember it is a search engine so think about what the people are searching for. Personally I think people use questions a lot so I like to add the word how or one of the 5 Ws (who, what, where, why and when) as I think it will match up more with what people are searching for.

You do not need to be a master of SEO to write an appealing title that will intrigue readers and increase your odds of showing up in a search. It is a small thoughtful thing that you can add to every post and if you are lucky one of them can rank high enough to really increase the view count of your article.

Here are links to check out for more SEO tips from people more knowledgeable than I on the subject:

These articles are some of the top ones that come up when you search so you know the people who wrote them knows that they are talking about :p.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more important than most people realize, that is for sure. I noticed that there are a number of blockchain projects that use Medium TM to share their information as they do not have a native blockchain blogging platform.

It would be really great to get them blogging here on Leo Finance.

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