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What features would you like to see on Leo?

For today's contest I want to know the features you would like added to this site if you could pick. You do not have to limit yourself but they do need to be features that are possible. I am looking for real answers but they can be as big or as small as you want them to be. It can be something like a Leo Visa card where you can spend all your Leo, the ability to take buy Leo directly with money or things like a chat or an image archive of free images you can use when you post.

Do you want video or the ability to get subscriptions? Maybe you want an app so you can use the site on your phone?

You can make the short or as long as you want and just like the last contest if you choose to do a whole post about it you can post the link in the comments and get an upvote that way if you are one of the winners.

Let me know what you would like to see on this site. And feel free to go as big as you want, Kal and the team seem to be magicians with what they have done with the site so you never know what they can accomplish.

There will be 4 100% winners this time for the most creative answers and a bunch of runner-ups that will get 20-80% upvotes.

There are no wrong answers, just tell the community what you would like to see.

Contest Rules:

You got 48 hours to enter this contest. Please upvote and share the post as well, all help is appreciated.

So let's have your list of what you would like to see on this site.

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I would like leofinance to :

  • Be fully decentralized and based on an open-source code in order to let all the leofinance community sees what is going on under the hood. this way everyone with a programing background can help on any issue.

  • Allows the authors and curators to win whatever the date of the publication of the post is. ie earnings will not be limited to 7 days timeframe. it may not be possible to realize this option since leofinance is based on the hive blockchain. So it's the hive code that needs to be changed but that's something I hope for because this way we can compete with centralized social networks.

  • Make the claim rewards process like what we have in hive.blog website. in other words, make it possible to claim rewards even though the rewards are under 1 LEO.

  • Share ad revenue with the owner of the article in which the ad appeared.

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Winner 100% upvote :)

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I just learned that leofinance uses the advertising revenue to burn LEO and therefore boost it. So I remove my last feature above.

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Winner 100% upvote!

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100% Winner upvote!

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100% winner upvote!

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One thing that I really want to be added is the "Related Posts / Blogs" on each post. Something that Cointelegraph is doing on their site:


I feel that it's especially helpful for those who is reading a specific topic. Also, it will be good for author or content discovery.

It's going to link other authors who are talking about similar topics.

Imagine a new user's post appear at the end of the post of a famous/trending Leofinance author, wouldn't it be good for that new user to be noticed and discovered just because he/she has posted a similar topic with the other user?

Personally, I think it will be interesting aspect of Leofinance in terms of content discovery.

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Winner 100% upvote!

I fully agree with this one, I was actually going to write a post about it. Having other content you might link would help traffic and authors on this site.

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I would like to see a Leaderboard getting all the funds of one's owner either LEO or wrapped LEO and show a ranking of the member. The current LeoDex Rich List is deficitary in that regard and we could use a nice gamification around.

Second as I've seen also on Publish0x, it would be great to have a Tipping option to reward users outside the 7 day timeframe. This will ensure that quality posts can be rewarded at any moment in time.

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Here is a simple feature I never understood that could not be on Leofinance.io. Can there be price charts at the home page or a tab link? Cryptos and major stock indexes for a quick look at markets? I know we have the stream of prices at the top but without a chart it does not always show the perspective of how far up or down on asset prices. Thanks!

Basically this:

  • A search bar (would be extremely useful).

  • A list of "best authors" (according to our own criteria).

  • Rewards transfers directly to PayPal.

  • A personalized Leo online store.

  • Offer tips (percentages of rewards) to the authors.

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I would like there to be a dedicated App to which a Leo Visa / Mastercard card, a LeoCard can be associated. A card that includes a Cashback option that can guarantee a percentage of Leos for purchases, which may vary according to the number of Leos you have in staking.

From the App I can also make quick payments simply with the Q code and manage my Leo wallet, integrated with other cryptocurrencies such as Hive and BTC from which I can also easily make exchanges

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as i have said multiple times, a search bar would be a great feature, it may seem not that important but trust me it is!

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Search bar seems to come up a lot in the comments as a wanted feature.

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First of all, I’d like to see it to be decentralized, and not dependent on ScotBot and such...

I’d think it would be cool to add more financial tools like a lot of the financial suites out there. Users can track their portfolio, research, gather analysis, tips and recommendations from other users... bring the best features from other sites, to Leo...and get paid for it! It would be the ultimate financial suite!

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A portfolio tracker would be nice, somewhere in the wallet page.

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I'd like to see a group where I could send LEO .. ETH... HIVE.. whatever and get involved with DeFi.. maybe like a H-E token similar to LBI

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a simple search machine to look up content and users is my first wish

Just like how I can see pending payouts / curation rewards on peakd for Hive. I would like to see that in Leo too.

For me online store for Leo and Visa card well Be great new option and features for Leo community where they can buy groceries or other thing using Leo

That would be great to be able to directly buy things with Leo.

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It's been 3 days since last challenge are you doing one soon

Add a second language function, of course that would require work. Did I hear work?
Yes, job openenings now available. leo needs translators to improve their platform.
volunteers are welcomed.
gee wilikers batman.
What will they think of next?
integrated encrypted chat for general public, comunity, personal, etc? no longer have to use discord yay.
Just keep working and the stocks shall stay full robin. We got nothing to worry about so long as the shit keeps flowing through our streets, we will always have people to plunder down.
What do you consider "Real" enough to be an answer? Most can see they obvious rational logical truth in having a muffin button.
Think about it folks. First the muffin, then the spices and jellies. mmmm
Maybe there will be a royal honey button and the Queen bee in the hive will grant us finnaly leave. but who will fill the quota for the honey?


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here are some realistic ones:

Notifications - why? well i don't write a lot on leofinance, i don't want to spam just for rewards and i don't have enough crypto knowledge to write a lot of posts about it. But when i do, and i get some comments, where do i see that i got some comments? on PeakD. And what do i do when i see i got a notification? i click on it and upvote and answer the comment. People are in essence lazy and most will not open a new tab, go to their profile, open a post, and then answer the comment if they have an one click option.

Related content - i wrote about it few weeks ago. adding related content and few latest posts from the author would help to get new people that get here from outside to stay longer and maybe even make an account. And it would help in content discovery for everyday users.

Search option - well we all know how good the search option across the ecosystem is.

remembered some more.

more integration with other apps from hive. and i think that for every app on hive. The obvious example is splinterlands and how many of the players have no idea about the social part of the blockchain they use.

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A notification button to know without commenting or who started to follow me. To not have two open screen to know about any notification.

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A notification button would be sweet.

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  • I would like to see @leofinnace work with @good-karma to bring search features for the website. There are so many great finance articles buried in the website. We are more than just a finance news platform.

  • Emoji could be a nice addition. @peakd already has this.

  • Ability to pin comments and posts

Most of the things I had wanted are listed here:

There isn't much I could add.

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