WOO Reveals the HIVE Community Championship Belt

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Introducing The Hive Community Championship Belt!

In a landmark celebration of our dedication to the Hive ecosystem, Wrestling Organization Online (WOO) is ecstatic to unveil the Hive Community Championship Belt. This initiative calls on to our community to support the ecosystem, our L2s, and especially the dApps that make it all worthwhile (shout out to sponsors InLeo, Thunkgaria, dCrops, and this little ol' game called Splinterlands!)

This badass belt will be on tour with us to some of the biggest wrestling events on the planet. Legendary hands will hoist it, and our goal is blow up social media with it.

Here's WOO partner and team member Sonny Onoo with more:

Craftsmanship Meets Community Spirit

The Hive Community Championship Belt stands as a testament to what we can achieve when we come together. Crafted with exquisite detail, it is a symbol of the community's unity and shared journey.


Every aspect of the belt has been thoughtfully designed to echo the Hive brand. The deep reds, the iconic logo, the headliner dApp sponsors. It is a beautiful contrast with its sister WOO Champion belt:


A Call to Action: Support Our Hive Witness

The introduction of this belt underscores our deep commitment to the Hive blockchain and ecosystem. Now, we turn to you with an important call to action. We urge you to show your support for WOO by voting for our Hive witness. By casting your vote, you're not just backing us; you're investing in the future of Hive and ensuring that it remains a thriving and decentralized platform for all.

Voting is simple, impactful, and so important. Here's how you can support our witness:

  1. Visit Hive Witness Voting
  2. Cast your vote for wrestorgonline to help us continue our contributions to Hive.
  3. Remember that you have 30 votes total. Update them regularly if you can, supporting witnesses who align with your vision of what Hive should be!




Let's make history. Support WOO, support Hive, and let's champion the blockchain revolution together.


To learn more about Wrestling Organization Online and join our vibrant community, visit our official website here. Let's take wrestling gaming to new heights together! 💪

Disclaimer: WOO related assets are for entertainment purposes only and are not a financial offer. Remember to always do your own research and make informed decisions.


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LET'S GO!!!!!

Good shit y'all.


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The idea of integrating the various projects and featuring them on the belt is an awesome idea.
I see that Inleo Insignia and it looks so good on the belt.

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You've convinced me to start using it again.

great to hear that 👍

wow! That belt is spectacular! The red really pops.. 💪😉

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really cool belts

Looks really amazing! Can't wait to see it being held by some of history's greatest wrestlers!

So nice to see these both come to fruition!


Woah, that's impressive! Love all the details and how precious the belt looks!

wtf is thunkgaria? enlight me😇

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This is so cool. The red one is on fire 🔥🔥🔥

Hola... El cinturón es una pieza artesanal bien elaborada y muy bonita todo se ve genial y el logo de Hive y lo que representa es grandioso...
Felicitaciones a su creador... Gracias curángel por compartir... Saludos, bendiciones y tengan muchos éxitos... ❤️🤩

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I'm in love with this belt. Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme

Wow, an incredible idea, a spectacular belt, I love that they are going in a tour, haha. But really what did me in was the design and the incredible work of whoever made it. A big round of applause! I don't understand much about WOO but if I can vote for you as a witness, I will!

Wow, these belts are super cool! Wtg!

The belt is beautiful. It is at the height of the wwe