CubFinance vs the rest!

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In my last post, I reviewed CubFinance, and really enjoyed the experience!
In this article, I will pit CubFinance against Uniswap, and tell you why I love and will always pick CubFinance.

CubFinance is better than Uniswap in so many ways, so here are some of them:

CubFinance has native news updates on the DEX itself! This allows you to get information about updates directly from the exchange itself! This reduces the news of fake airdrops and scams.
Native staking and farming: CubFinance allows you to stake natively on the platform and yield farm as well. This means that you can get the best of everything CubFinance has to offer without exposing yourself to counterparty risks.
Lower fees: CubFinance has very low fees because it's built on BSC. This allows smaller players to participate in the farming, staking and slapping activities without worrying about fees.
Those are the reasons I prefer CubFinance! Why do you prefer CubFinance? Let me know down below!

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Thank you for your post. Perhaps, if you want to have more success on Leofinance, add a bit more content to your posts.

Leofinance is a long form platform. A couple hundred words really dont tell a lot about the topic.

Also, you might want to put in some photos or screenshots.

Just a suggestion.

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