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Hello everyone my name is Syed Zulfiqar Hussain S/O Syed Gul Agha. I am a permanent resident of Quetta. I have completed my basic education from Government Hazara Society Boys High School Quetta and completed my fs.c from tameer-nau-Public College Quetta. I am twenty years old. I wants to join this community because I am interested in online earning. I think its the best way to be succeed. I am a hard worker and I want become an independent man.

My favorite subject is computer science but my father forced me to done your fs.c in ( Inter mediate in commerce ). I love to travel a lot just to met different people, to aware about different religious and about different languages. It's all because I am interested to know about different personalities.

I myself is an accomplished person. I am also a great player of football. You can see in picture. I remain a well player in the field of football , it is my accomplish that I have achieved many rewards and I'm also aware my abilities and qualities. I was been awarded a man of the match in most matches and l am also been player of the tournament almost in many tournaments. My inspiration idol and the cause that I am interested in Football is Cristiano Ronaldo.

The reason I joined this wonderful community is that I wanted to engage myself with new people in @Hive and I also wanna earn a little bit. Basically, I was inspired by one of my friend @mudassarfoladi , he forced me to join this community because this community will make a person financially independent.

Thanks for sticking with me till the end.


Great start, we are glad having you with us.

Thank you 😊

Welcome on Hive!

I'm very happy that now I'm the part of this community.

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Welcome to Hive. But the main tag used is incorrect. My Introduction community is appropriate for the introduction post. Be careful the next time. I wish you good luck.


Hello, Syed! Nice to meet you!
I wish you many successes both in life and on the chain!