ALERT: Leo Finance Discord Seems to be HACKED

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Beware of clicking any airdrop link in Leo Finance discord. It seems to be hacked and the airdrop link posted in the Announcement section is a phishing link.

I ain't very active here though but thought to drop this alert to caution everyone in this community. However, I might be wrong. DYOR.

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Hi @xyzashu
Yes its hacked and thanks for sharing the update..


What if those clicked that link?

Well, if you have done nothing else than clicking then you're safe.
If you connected your wallet, then just disconnect it.

But if you signed any transaction or permitted any approvals; then you could (actually you are) at risk. Immediately revoke all your approvals to all contracts you signed through that link.

For ELI5 steps, check this post & its discord:

Thanks for the brief.

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