I still want to make money at Hive. / やっぱりHiveで稼ぎたい (ENG/JPN)

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Lately, I find myself saying less and less that I want more Japanese to come to Hive.

No, of course I still think there are too few Japanese blogging at Hive now, and I want more of them to come!!

But now there are many other ways to earn money besides blogging. For example, Play2earn like Splinterlands, Move2earn like STEPN, etc.
It's great to see more ways to make money, and it's great when people can make money in the way they are good at.
So I think part of it is that I don't ask people to come and visit Hive as much as I used to.

But I think this Hive is the best place for me to earn money. I think I am best suited to make money by drawing pictures and posting them, or by writing a diary and posting it.

So if possible, I would like to earn enough money on Hive to make it a side business.

I think one of the main reasons why Japanese people living in Japan do not come to Hive is because of the situation surrounding Japanese people today. Many people are busy. They work longer and longer hours because they don't make enough money for that. Prices are rising, so they have to work more and more. They don't have time to blog.

And if I were to reduce or quit my current job and do Hive, I would have to get paid at least enough to make a side job, preferably enough to make a living.

For people like me who do art, music, and other things that transcend language barriers, there are still ways to make it work, but if you want to get paid for writing only in Japanese, you need a larger audience of Japanese people or people who are fluent in Japanese. In that sense, it may be difficult for Japanese to participate in this event.

I went to Blurt, the little brother of Hive, for the first time in a while yesterday, and found that the posts from Actifit were being posted on Blurt at the same time. I decided to use Blurt along with Hive because I thought it was a waste of time and effort.
The price of BLURT is going up. I will write about the other differences betweenBlurt and Hive here.

1.No Reputation.
2.No Downvote.
3.Every time you post, VOTE, send someone a BLURT, etc., you will be charged a Transaction Fee.
4.The token BLURT of Blurt can be exchanged to Hive and so on by Hive-Engine. PancakeSwap also handles it.
5.There seems to be no community in Blurt.
6.The postings from Actifit are posted to Blurt as well as Steemit and Hive at the same time.

And it is like a simplified Hive.

I will continue to blog on Hive with the hope that I can make money and live off of Hive.










3.投稿、vote、誰かにBLURTを送るなど、そのたびにTransaction Feeがかかる。



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HIVEが副業になる、夢ですねぇ~~👏 🥦 !BBH !PIZZA 🥦



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