Telegram is a step closer to be an everything app

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Telegram Everything App

I always believe that if some app is close to being an everything app is Telegram, which has messaging, information channels, groups to interact, internal payments (through bots), applications, and games (bots again). Yes, I know, is popular but not at the level of WhatsApp, Messenger, or Twitter, but is better. Is true that in the last times, some of the Telegram features have been copied by the other apps mentioned, but still is ahead.
With Telegram bots a universe of possibilities is open and monetization, marketplaces, and finance already is working and created by the users themselves. So even if it is a centralized platform with rules, allows a level of freedom unreachable for other non-web3 apps.

In the line of integrating finances into Telegram, they create TON, they have the opportunity to use another decentralized network or cryptocurrency but instead, they chose to create one. TON is defined as a decentralized and open internet, created by the community using a technology designed by Telegram.
Since 2020, this TON technology has been maintained, improved, and integrated with Telegram, allowing users to buy and sell Telegram usernames and IDs on Fragment (a TON-based auction platform). Today Toncoin (the crypto of the network) has a 6.86 billion dollar market cap being the #11 crypto in that ranking.

This success showed the Telegram team the potential of integrating Web 3.0 on the platform and now Durov is leading them to integrate blockchain technologies in a deeper way into Telegram. For that reason, they will integrate the TON Wallet as a mini-app.

According to Durov, TON Wallet will be included in the settings and attachment menus for all users outside the US. This means that developers can add hundreds of new valuable features that will be possible to introduce into the Web 3.0 world to 800 million monthly active Telegram users. This can be a game changer.

As I said if some app is close to being an everything app, is Telegram, it can do the same as Reddit, Twitter, Youtube, Spotify, Facebook, Onlyfans, etc. in a single app with a great user experience. A major part of users in this app already know about crypto and use it every day through bots inside the platform (wallets, swaps, p2p markets, etc.). It only needs direct payments in merchants using Telegram to do it and apparently, that is the next step after TON Wallet is fully integrated.

I know that there are very good developers in Hive, and it would be a good opportunity to start thinking about integrating Hive with Telegram through bots. Not doing so would be wasting a mass of users who are willing to try new things and delve into the web3.
The alternative would be to create and promote our messaging app focused on Hive, something that is perfectly possible using the chat technology that @peakd applies today.

I know we love decentralization and Web 3.0, but the path to Hive adoption and survival passes inexorably through Web 2.5. Private applications and projects that make use of Hive as a Blockchain but incorporate monetization and business models similar to those of Web 2.0. Because, let’s be honest, no Web 2.0 content creator who earns thousands of dollars a month will abandon that to come to earn between 100 and 200 dollars in Hive in the best of cases.

If #3speak wants to prevail over YouTube, it needs ads and distribute part of that value to creators based on views. If @peakd or @ecency want to replace WordPress or Medium, they need to incorporate ads or subscriptions and distribute that among creators. Or at least allow creators to integrate Adsense, A-ADS, or similar into their blogs. And above all, @liketu needs an app.

In Hive we will always have space for ordinary users or small creators, but if it does not begin to be an attraction for large creators it will never become the Web 3.0 benchmark that it can be.

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Que top, está muy bueno el articulo, telegram es el 60% de mi interacción en internet y en mensajería solo uso whatsapp para hablar con mi esposa y mi mamá pq no son muy tecnológicas. 🤜🤛

Gracias por tu comentario, la verdad me pasa algo similar, whatsapp por la familia que ya está acostumbrada, sinceramente aún está por llegar el mejor momento de Telegram según veo.