Could Twitter "Plug" into HIVE?

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Could Twitter "Plug" into HIVE?

If YES, has anyone been in contact with Elon Musk?

If NO, why not?

How cool would it be if we end up getting Elon Musk on board here at HIVE and he squashes Twitter in place of "Project Blank"? Or even create a hybrid which operated on The HIVE Blockchain.

There's ways to get this idea to Elon but you'd have to be serious.


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No, because Elon is a businessman. it's not going to be decentralized and he is more focused on it as a business opportunity.

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Isn't Splinterlands Centralized?

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It's fairly centralized. The only thing decentralized right now is the NFTs because it's recorded on the blockchain. So you can at least know who owns what. Of course, with the validator nodes, I am unsure if that is the case.

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