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That's right, Leo Finance is a game!

Have you read "Finite and Infinite Games: A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility" by James P. Carse ?

Boiled down... Do you want to play a Zero Sum Game where only 1 can win or Play an Infinite Game that lasts forever and also allows for constructive competition along with collaboration? I chose the latter.

If you have it's a great book to re-read every now and then. If not, I highly recommend.

Technically speaking HIVE is a Game too, but it's more of an Operating System like Mac or Microsoft in which Leo Finance is played on.

Just like in Life, not all the rules and intricacies are spelled out for Playing the Game of Leo Finance. Traditions, Ethics, Parameters, Best Practices, Etiquette and ways to "win" are ever evolving. We are part of a game that's constantly evolving, improving upon itself and ultimately finding a way to survive forever, even if it means leaving and setting up shop somewhere else... aka "HardForking".

The more time you spend here, the better you will understand the "Unwritten Rules". You will get a feel for how things should be done and how you should behave and interact.

I've been here over a year now and have paid a certain amount of dues. With that said, you end up getting some respect from other community members and ultimately make some friends, acquaintances and naturally discover that there's actually some human, a sentient being with a heart and soul behind that cool account name and avatar. And you come to a realization that most other people are here playing the Game of Leo Finance for the same reason as yourself and are looking for what you are looking for:

  1. Making connections with like minded individuals
  2. A desire to learn and grow
  3. To feel a connection
  4. To enjoy your "Finite Time" here in this Life
  5. To find a way to get compensated for doing what you love to do
  6. Financial Security, Freedom, Wealth, Passive Income and for some: a LAMBO !
  7. To build something
  8. Entertainment
  9. To be a PIONEER
  10. TO LIVE FOREVER (Blockchain is Immutable)


Although some may act as such, they will never "win" this INFINITE GAME. If you insist on being so short sighted you have already lost before even your 1st move in this game. Nobody has to lose on LEO FINANCE in order for Everyone to WIN.

What we all have here is a chance to have everything I listed above and so much more.

How can this all be achieved?

Do not be short sighted. Think Long Term and Think Generational Wealth.

PolyCUB is the latest game within a game on LEO FINANCE and although there's been a few bumps in the road, everything seems to be panning out + we've had some nice surprises like this recent post regarding xPolyCUB collateralized loans in the works, bonding and more PolyCUB Loans

We can expect more "Game Modes" from CUB (And LEO) in the future which will be just one way this Game will continue to expand into this INFINITE UNIVERSE that is currently being played on HIVE. Every day before I log on, I wonder what new improvement or development will be announced? What blog will teach me something new? What new member will introduce themselves and what new connection I will make?

LEO FINANCE is a Play To Earn Game where nobody has to lose. Have fun, do what you love and remember to help others succeed. Thank you to those who have reached out to help my Gameplay!

This was a Stream Of Consciousness post inspired by @whatsup who recently posted this : Whatsup Thanks for reminding me a Blog Post does not have to be Perfect to post.

Sidenote: I also mentioned Generational Wealth and Infinity. Of course we are Finite Beings when it comes to our physical bodies, however our HIVE/LEO Accounts can be inherited by our Family and/or Friends and Live on Forever.

In the Future I would like to discuss "What happens to our Crypto when we die and the importance of educating loved ones about our holdings".


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I'm a huge advocate of short, interesting and imperfect posting. I vote for Relevant and Interesting or Engaging.

Really, do we want to write little essays for each other or do we want to communicate?

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I think "Project Blank" will be a great addition to further real, short form communication amongst our members. A lot of the really great discussions happen on Discord, which unfortunately most people miss out on. I still think there will always be a need for the long form posts like Taskmasters ect. With that said I think there's a great group of like minded people here helping each other daily by sharing their knowledge. The post/curation rewards are just gravy!!! So cool :)

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You might appreciate this old post of mine. Some who take this all very seriously didn't like, but it was written in fun.


Wow... great minds think alike !

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