$RUNE / Thorchain follow up

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Just the other day I shared 2 videos from Coin Bureau regarding Cosmos & Thorchain.

CTO Larson has also chimed in and has given Thorchain a thumbs up.

Thorchain hopes to offer the Crypto Community 3 things that are not currently offered:

**1. Native Cross Chain Dex

  1. A predictable floor price of $RUNE based on Blockchain usage
  2. A Stable Coin with Privacy features & Liquidity**

The negative for Thorchain would be the complexity of the Network compared to other chains.

Timing Thorchain for a "ThorCUB" launch will be important as they have a lot of development up until July or so. When there's still issues or bugs with a native Blockchain it can cause issues with a launch. We are still dealing with a few issues with PolyCUB and working out some bugs.

Each launch will teach the CUB Team on how to improve future launches to make them as user friendly as possible. We just need to make sure the Blockchain is actually ready for us!

Which Blockchain do you think CUB should launch on next ?

Enjoy the video.

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