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Assalam-o-Alaikum !السلام عليكم

As the crypto market is going up rapidly, the US think tanks that have an eye on the crypto market are always moving towards such moves and actions that cause the crypto market to suffer because the US will never want the dollar decrease in value and compared to it, a currency that is acceptable in the whole world market, because at this time, most of the world's business transactions are done through dollars and there are many stable coins and bitcoins in the crypto market, which every day Burrows are increasing their value and American economists will never want the existence of the crypto market to rise,

so the US SEC agency is always taking action against some exchange and thus causing damage to the reputation of the market. It continues to be made. Just a few hours ago the SECC has used a very strange word about the crypto market that the SECC is thinking of cracking down on the crypto market.

US Treasury officials say that President Biden wants to crack down on the crypto market with force, but if we look at the past, the SEC has done such a crack down before and it has also failed, so many crypto traders have understood. Because of this news, the crypto market may dump more,

so I think that such news that the SEC keeps doing about crypto, now that the crypto market is catching a bullish trend, it is a trick of the SECC so that the crypto market and traders should be scared. If this statement of SECC is given importance, then the question arises as to what kind of crack down SECC will be. It is not an easy task because the crypto market does not work through any bank and neither is it easy to crack down. so i would like to say that , don,t give any importance to these words of crack down that has been used by secc .

If you are a new crypto trader, then I will tell you that whenever you take a trade, take the trade very thoughtfully, because the way the market is seeing its trend at the moment, there is no understanding of support and resistance in this trend at all.

So I suggest that if you are a new trader and doing spot trade then I suggest that you must hold some coin or BTC during spot trade because the market can go very high at any time and again. I think the resistance and support will be much higher than you expect.

According to the market situation, it is very important to hold the coin, but this is my advice, you can get the rest of the information by researching yourself.


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Of course your suggestion is reasonable.Yes of course it is important to hold coins as per the current market conditions I also think.And it is true that, of course new traders should trade carefully.Thank you very much for the timely advice.

thank you so much dear for supporting my views, and yes we need to hold coin if we want to gain long term bullish profit, spot trade can be risky i think this time, if any one want to to taste the bullish trend, let see what reuslt come out

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