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Assalam-o-Alaikum !السلام عليكم

There are 13 days until the end of the rebellion pre-sale and I have bought seven The rebellion packs during this pre-sale but I was told by splinterlands player that if I buy ten The rebellion packs I will get a promo card.

today I bought DEC coin by selling 35 hive dollars and bought three more rebellion packs and in this way I have bought a total of ten The rebellion packs and now there are about two weeks left from the end of the pre-sale. And my goal is to buy at least twenty packs.

I bought 13506 DEC coin today and then I transferred this DEC coin to splinterlands game wallet from Hive engine and thus I bought three Rebellion packs from my splinterlands game wallet. Last week I bought two rebellion packs and today I bought three more packs and bought a total of ten rebellion packs.

Today I am very happy that I bought three more the rebellion packs and strengthened my splinterlands account. I hope this small investment of mine will make my splinterlands account stronger.


In the screenshot above you can see my purchase today and I'm sure the rebellion packs will be a blast in the world of splinterlands. Now I am most looking forward to opening my the rebellion packs and I want to win the battle with the help of monsters from the rebellion packs as much as possible.

I would like to share some thoughts about the rebellion packs. The rebellion packs is the fifth core edition and the cards in it are available with different and rare abilities. I also wrote in my previous article that it is possible that the rebellion edition will be the most beneficial in monster land and must be used for farming and land work in monsters land and I have bought a plot.

And I hope that the monsters that I get from these ten rebellion packs will definitely be used for work in the lands.



I have grown my splinterlands account today by investing little by little. After purchasing the rebellion packs, I share with you the reward obtained on the last season, because before the end of each season, every splinterlands player wishes to get the best season reward. i Got 22 season chest and when I opened the 22 season chest I got the following reward.



At the end of the last season I have earned a total of $1,641 worth of rewards. If we talk about the current value of the reward, it is only $1.641 but during this reward I got two epic and one legendary monster whose value is zero now but when these monsters are listed in the splinterlands market, each of them will have a minimum value.

It will be more than five dollars. Splinterlands game is proving to be very helpful in increasing the assets of its community and I will say again today that I am very satisfied with the investment in Splinterlands.

I think every Splinterlands player should buy at least ten of the rebellion packs so that their Splinterlands account is filled with a collection of cards from the new editions. I hope you find my article today good and informative.



I'm Yousaf ,my profession is teaching, writing, i love food, travelling,photography and splinterlands gaming, and sportstalks and 3speak very much. i am using hive since 2017.

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At this moment there is no other option but to invest. You can earn through investments in active and passive ways. Moreover, it will also make you stronger.

Yes respected i agree with you, splinterlands providing active and passive earning for its community and i am earing passive earning, there is not doubt, thank you so much for apprecation

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yes respected i love this game very much, i already done review

Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121

You've got some of the best season's rewards. Keep it up and grow more.