Don't underestimate the power or potential of Hive blockchain

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Yesterday I saw a post on my @ecency #dapp someone give #upvote to this post and his single vote have value almost $.60 in hive rewards imagine if few more #hive users with same voting powers give upvote to this post what will be the earnings of the author and curators of that post, you may think if that happens post will become overvalued I understand it but it's a another topic to consider here in this post I am just trying to explain how much potential hive #blockchain have to empower and rewards individuals


I think currently there is not any other #cryptocurrency or blockchain which can give more rewards to his users then hive blockchain even world's top cryptocurrency #bitcoin and #ethereum can not empower you as hive can, if you want to stake or mine any cryptocurrency you have to invest a decent amount of capital then also you should have #mining equipment and technical knowledge to setup and start mining after doing all its still not more profitable then hive blockchain, to start earning on hive all you need to create an account by using any hive dapp like @hive, @peakd, @LeoFinance and @ecency then save your keys sign in to your hive account purchase few hive coins it's not required to invest hundreds or thousands dollars to start you can start with even less then ten dollars that's it and remember few dollars investment is required only first time next time it's not required but you can do it if you like that's required because you need some hive power #HP to do any activity on hive blockchain

Everyone like to make some money online many cryptocurrency retailers and individual investors are losing their money by investing in #bitcoin, #ethereum, #ripple, #Binancecoin and other cryptocurrencies for day trading but day by day all these top cryptocurrency becoming suitable investments for institutional investors become they have millions to invest they have influence that's why retailers are losing due to Lake of capital trading experience and influence

Some investors are trying to make money with #futurestrading and #nft trading all these investments are very risky as compared to invest in worlds number one decentralized social media blockchain platform hive any individual or retail investor can invest in hive without the risk of losing their capital it will only happened if hive blockchain goes down or your hive account get hacked and there is not any chance to happened this that's why I think hive is most safest and suitable investment for individuals and it's empowered individuals more than any other cryptocurrency and blockchain in market

Hive is decentralized virsion of #Twitter, #Facebook, #Instagram and #YouTube hive its censorship free no body can disable your account as above social media platforms can do it on the other hand you can't receive any incentive by using these centerlized social media platforms but hive empower you with ownership of your account with rewards on almost every activity on hive blockchain if you are creating unique and useful content you can get paid in hive rewards

On hive blockchain earn potential is endless we have to understand it and realize it its doesn't matter how unique and useful your content is if there is not any other hive users to upvote it that's why we should empower others as much as we can because when other hive users have more upvote value they will upvote over posts we will receive more rewards that's is the power of decentralized social media blockchain platform in the world of shared economy

In near future all social media platform users will realize the potential of Hive blockchain and if few millions out of billions from Facebook and Twitter users joined hive imagine what will be the value of hive coin and how much you can earn as a Earley adopter and developer

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