Busy Bee Class – Tutorial 24.2 - The Two Legs of progress on Hive

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Hello everyone! This is another teaching post for my Busy Bees Redfish. Its information that is valid and useful for just about anyone and I am happy to share it and help incubate bloggers on Hive and help them to grow.

Last week I spoke about Make a Post Schedule Routine to keep you posting consistently.

But posting is just part of what you need to do on the Hive Social Network. As much as it is a blogging platform and yes, you get rewarded for posting content on Hive, you will need something else to really get the wheel turning on your jounrey on Hive:


You see, no matter what you do on Hive and HOW you do it on Hive, there are really only TWO major divisions of your time spent on Hive that will make you a successful blogger:

  1. Blogging/Writing
  2. Engagement - This means commenting on posts and replying to comments!

Everything else that you learn are but facets of those two "legs" that you require to walk to Hive journey.

If you only do one or the other, then you are "hopping" on one leg or at least, you are walking favouring only one or the other leg.

Of course, you really need to post to earn. That's the dominant leg, the one that should take the first step. however, you cannot do much if you don't engage!


Technically there is ANOTHER way to make money on Hive and that has to do with buying stake and many projects to get involved in on Hive... but this tutorial does NOT deal with that. This tutorial is all about how to invest your TIME for a reward with zero capitol investment. Once you have posted and earned you shall have capitol to do the other things with. Money and value that you would not have had if you had not posted on Hive!

Back to the tutorial!

You need to Engage!

So this post serves to remind you of that fact. I have watched many people post and grow on Hive and I can tell you for certain that engagement helps growth. Making friends makes growth.

Commenting on your own posts, replying to comments on your work is ground zero. You HAVE to reply to comments on your posts! People took their time to go to your blog, read your post, give you their upvote and then leave you a comment.

Give that person at least a 50% upvote on the comment and then give them a reply, even if it is only to say thank you. It is even better if you can start a conversation and leave it open to reply on THAT reply. This is how you make a friend on Hive.

Next step? Perhaps go to that person's Hive account and check out THEIR posts. Give their posts that are eligible for an upvote (less than 7 days old) an upvote, go read their post and make a comment there.

Do this and you will see far more growth than not making comments.

Now... I know real life gets in the way and if you really need to reduce your time on Hive, then still try to post. But do as much engagement as you can!

Let's have a look at our Actively posting Redfish that have new posts up and how many comments they have:

@loadreaper - 4 Posts and 3 Comments
@breezin - 1 Post and 1 Comment
@urban.scout - 1 Post and 13 Comments
@tigermom - 1 Post and 10 Comments
@hellsveiah - 4 Posts and 60+ Comments
@moclassic - 3 Posts and 12 Comments
@threedotz - 3 Posts and 28 Comments
@riesakashiya - 8 Posts and 22 Comments
@fufukunnn - 2 Posts and 0 Comments
@jusipassetti - 2 Posts and 5 Comments
@maccazftw - 4 Posts and 0 Comments
@ngwinndave - 1 Post and 30+ Comments

I have highlighted @hellsveiah. This user has been winning the "Redfish with most HP gain per week" for at least four weeks running. Usually there are two winners and she wins that one alongside different people usually.

Now, this past week, she might not get it, her rewards for last week were low... but I told her and the other people of that group "If you do not like the rewards you get for your posts, then make 50 comments!

So there she goes, more than 60 comments, I stopped counting. She has 4 posts, two of those got curated. Next week, she will win again. For sure.

Golden Ratio: 1 Post, 15 Comments.

This is a reccomended pattern. If you can do more comments than 15 per post it is STILL good... except if you post too little.

@ngwinndave is an example of more than 30 comments and only 1 post that can be upvoted. I stopped counting at 30 and that was only for comments up to 2 days old. Who knows how many you have for the week? Lots! Increase your content number so you can be rewarded for that engagement!

@riesakashiya is an example of the inverse. 8 posts, 22 comments. If you made 5 comments per post, you would be at 40 posts. At 15x you would need 120 comments! This is only to see better results from your work. If that ratio does not suit you then at least try 5 for 1 or 10 for 1.

One thing that I can see that @riesakashiya is doing better is that he is commenting and engaging outside his own work and that is new. Already, the results are better than they were last week!

Cheers! Go get busy!

That's it for this week. Go an consider if you are engaging enough or if you are posting enough. Not enough of either or too much of just one causes an imbalance. It is best to get some sort of ratio going and work that into your routine!

Thank you for reading!

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Thank you for reading!


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Had some seriously awesome help with the comments this week, so there's that!

Trying the thing...😋


Good luck!


Dear @hellsveiah, you just got hugged.
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Thanks for such a good tutorial!
How much it would have meant to me if I had it a year and a half ago, at my beginning...
I would like to ask you to add me to the tag list, so that I don't miss any more useful tips that you share with the community.
A big thank you!

Congrats on great results to all of the above 👏

Apart from posts, we can comment and socialize on Ecency waves 😀

Haha, well, most people tend to have a time that they were just floundering around.

You are sitting on 806HP with 63 Followers.

I was at 313HP at the start of 2022, 1747HP at the start of 2023 and over 4,263HP at the start of 2024. Everyone has their own growing rates, but what I want to indicate to you is that you can see by those few numbers that the rate at which I grow is accelerating!

It might hace taken you this long to get to where you are, but it does not take another 2 years to get to 1,600HP!

You are now of a size and have make a number of friends where you can really start to grow! So good luck.

PS: It may look like I have nearly 1000 Followers, but any account over 4 years old have hundreds of followers who are no longer active on the blockchain. I have no idea how many of my followers are active.

Nice growth HP you had 👏
We'll see how my growth will go.
More communication with members of the communities is definitely needed and the rewards will come.

Indeed! We shall see! Good luck!

Great stuff, Zak! You covered the Engagement part very well!

Commenting on others' posts, replying to comments on your post, and appreciation of others by upvoting their posts AND comments!!

To do these 3 steps is not part of the "job routine", it is part of the FUN and making connections and finding new friends!!


One of my newbies got to a point she did not realize she had made so many comments and that is when you are really winning! Having made so much engagement but not feeling like you have needed to do much work because it was all conversations that you were happy to have!

That's the best thing! And the whole point... To have fun!

Thanks for this tutorial! You break it down so well, I see I have to get to work. I appreciate the tag.

I have a good feeling about your progress!

Do you want me to include you in the Busy Bees post on Sundays?

Oh yes! That would be great. Thank you!

Cool. I shall add you then! Welcome aboard!

15 comments per post sounds like a good guideline, I better go check mine

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Haha! Good luck!

Yes! Engagement is key! This is a community after all. ❤️

!LUV indeed! 😁

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Seriously good tutorial, this !

If anyone wants proof of how well it works, then I'm a good example. When I first joined Hive, Zak commented on a couple of my posts. So I commented back, added him to my Favourites (and vice-versa), and we both read and upvote each other's posts, support each other with comments, and have become friends with shared interests. It's a beneficial circle.

Although I don't post as much as I should, I do focus on curation and engagement, and it means that about 30% of my Hive earnings come that way, so well worth the effort. Aaaand then I give some of it away as SBI's to the deserving 😁

Absolutely! I think we have made meaningful impact on one another's growth on Hive!

And this is only the beginning!

Hey everyone hope you r doing well. Well done everyone and great commenting @hellsveiah and nice work @riesakashiya for the 8 posts you've done this week.😁👍

Welcome! I am eager to see you graduate from the Redfish pool and into the Minnow Pool!

21 HP to go!


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