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RE: Is DeFi For Real?

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When I first discovered crypto, one use case that was presented to me was to imagine striving to put together something of great value (piece of art, invention, company, house) and being able to directly sell portions of that to stakeholders through the blockchain.

WAX grabbed my attention a couple years ago as a blockchain closer to the general, crypto powered exchange of assets. I sit on a few of those tokens.

I have always wondered when crypto or certain blockchain would get big. Enough to force the hand of governments to really lock them down but I love your insight that the development will keep rolling and eventually overcome that hurdle. I figured that would have happened by now but a slow steady proliferation is much better for long term

Awesome thoughts again my friend.


Development does take time. Things move quicker when things are open sourced as we are seeing with the Uniswap-Sushiswap situation. That said, when enough of a foundation is out there and more people are working on stuff, we see how things start to explode before our eyes.

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