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A couple weeks since my last #ThoughtfulDailyPost! so let's unwind and get thoughtful! @Wesphilbin waves the flag for us and runs @thoughtfulposts as the curation account that rewards thoughtful posts. Please join us in sharing your positive vibes on the blockchain and consider delegating.

Here are this week's bits of internet wisdom that caught my eye, loosely paired with meticulously curated music at my fancy.


Ask Yourself


This is another one of those good ones I have found on a few web2 platforms where people often don't bother to quote the source. A couple reposters shilling for donations, some "influencers" tryin to influence, and some groups of people gathering digitally for someone else's centralized profit. The closest I can come to the source after some sleuthing is Yung Pueblo

I love the way this one starts as I believe constantly checking yourself, asking yourself often, the questions that are not always easy to ask is a good way to stop telling ourselves lies and getting stuck with old mindsets. Assuming you have it right and echoing the results of predisposed assumptions without even the acknowledgement that things change certainly can lead to blind spots. The title alone would nave been valuable to me if it reminded me to ask myself often.

Am I observing the situation correctly? Our perspective on the world is the only one we have so of course it is correct. Does our interpretation of any situation guarantee us we have it right, or are we guaranteed to have the optimal perspective to truly see what is happening? Absolutely not. Just knowing this can give us the super power of being aware of this and freely moving to get different perspectives to better triangulate the actual situation.

Am I projecting how I feel? Now that is a powerful question! If you don't know what projection is in terms of psychology and behavior, or could use a refresher, Psychology Today has a good start. I paused to think of a couple of the challenging situations I have faced over the last few days and decided that I might have been projecting a little. I can't second guess my sum of experiences every time but I should definitely spend a little more effort in seeing clearly than I do proving my assumptions right. Might make for clearer paths to the results I want!

Do You Feel Like We Do? 14 minutes of live 70s feeling from Frampton to go along with this one.



I looked up Alec Zamora on Twitter, where you would expect to find it, and he has a total of 23 followers. Seeing as I have 290 and all I use it for is to promote #hive, either I should be printed on billboards, or Alec should come find a home on the blockchain

Bad. What a bad word for someone who doesn't want to be bad! That is almost everyone! Knowing that any first try will be bad kinda feels like attracting bees with vinegar. Nobody wants to fail and only those who know that failure is the pathway to success will boldly take that first step knowing it is most likely going to fail. What is bad though? Maybe taking that fist step, expecting it to go swimmingly and then not taking the second step when it doesn't.

When consulting for small business, we end up helping people navigate through many firsts as entrepreneurship and business ownership is rife with them. Progress, not perfection is a good one to set the expectations right, commit to act and learn for progress, and checking that ego in the spirit of growth.

With anything I have done to any level of competency, I look back and unfailingly see that the path was never what I pictured it when I started. Business ownership. Martial arts. Live music performance. Sailing. Crypto! Non has gone completely to plan but all of them make up a happy, productive and challenging life. None of those things or anything of substance have come without that first awkward step leading to the second, and the development of enjoyment in being bad at something at the outset. The more steps you take, the less competition there is, and the closer you are to succeeding on your terms. Stow that ego and start because that is how ALL people achieved what you would like to achieve. A black belt is a white belt who never quit and we can all be black belts when we start and keep going.

If you are going through hell, keep going or you will never get out of hell!



Nothing like getting thoughtful as it is not the mistakes that lead to wisdom, it is contemplating those mistakes. If being thoughtful is up your alley, you have the option to delegate to @thoughfulposts to increase the rewards for positivity.
https://hive.blog/introduceyourself/@thoughtfulposts/thoughtfulposts-introduction-or-a-thoughtfuldailypost is the post that started it in 2020!

I invite you to pen your own #thoughtfuldailypost any day of the week and share your insight on the world through your blog.



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Am I projecting?

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Great thought provoking post! It's very true that we interpret situations from our own experiences and can entirely miss what's really going on. Very interesting...

Zamora has a great billboard! But his online presence is seriously lacking... Having owned several companies in my time you have to keep up with the world or it leaves you behind.

Great music choices by the way, Framptom and The Cars are awesome. Such a shame that we lost Ric Ocasek recently and Benjamin Orr all those years ago to pancreatic cancer!

True dat! Ric was such an anti rock star that gave all the nerds an example to follow and the tunes were great! I often wonder how many people, younger or across the world, who discover the bands I post for the first time. They seem should be staples in everyone's music enjoyment but some of those may be obscure these days?

Ric wasn't exactly pretty, but managed to marry the prettiest model of the 80's. Not to bad! The Cars music to some may be obscure, but the song "You Might Think" will be used forever.

I feel doing a post daily is an awesome idea though I am still juggling my time and hopefully I to do it if I diversify the topics about which I write

I see you are also a curator and being one myself (for inleo) I cherish the experience.

If you can't see this awesome banner, open this post InLeo

Absolutely! Isn't that orange checkmark sexy?!

When I first joined, @khaleelkazi was one of the guys we loved to interact with and @inleo was just a twinkle in his eye. I have followed and tried to support since day 1 .

Daily content was a goal I struggled to find comfortably but I found my lanes! Love it!

The first should be bad so that we can gain experince ;)

Yes. Never bad enough to stop us from taking it in the first place as it can lead us to glorious places!

The guest things will always be bad and that’s why we always have to strive harder and harder so we can achieve what we want


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An amazing thoughtfulness. Even most times we are wrong because of oversight. A more gentle approach to life is the best, whether we are projecting or observing.

Sometimes some project that we actually thought is not needed for careful observation are even what is needed and sometimes observations can really go a long way in helping us settle issues


We appreciate you taking the time, to either use #ThoughtfulDailyPost, or otherwise help this Community grow. So...

Thank you!!

Wes & Grindan