Snow Problem and AMG's

in Planetautolast month

We awoke this morning to a decent covering of snow, a rarity as we've mentioned due to where we live on the coast of North West England.

Both cars had a fair chunk of snow on them, typically Dorothy was outside due to me working on stripping the paint off thewheels, the last thing we expected was snow.


However it was nice to see, the orchard was like something out of a book, trees and shrubs draped in snow, this weather meant it was no go for a Dorothy adventure, getting up the drive is challenging enough with wide wheels, not the best tyres and a steep hill.


The idea today was to continue with the wheels, that was a no though, may as well enjoy the snow and continue watching Fringe for the second time.



Yep difficult to drive on icy road with this Mercedes... I had bad experience with my old 250 D.

Yes, they like to step out and are a bit too big and heavy to stop immediately