Torquay Motor Show - Which Car Would You Choose?

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Jamie always thinks I hate a car show because I get annoyed when he does a running commentary over some car show he's watching, like Harry's Garage or Car SOS, when am doing OTHER THINGS. If I wanted to hear about car shit, I'll say, I would be watching it with you.

So when I said we should go to the Torquay Motor Show this weekend, he was suprised. The thing is, I like a car show. I like walking around and talking about cars in real life, not on the Youtube. It's interesting - there's a bit of history, there's people's passions and stories, and it really is amazing some of the cool stuff people do to their cars!



Firstly, it was really interesting to see what cars Jamie would take home as opposed to what cars I would take home. I guess it's partly due to our upbringing. Jamie loves the old Beemers and VW's, Porshes, Lotuses and so on. He also loves hot rods. His mechanical understanding might also influence his car choices, plus he's always impressed with the money some of these things are worth.


For me, give me an old Valiant or an old Holden anyday. My first car was a Valiant, and Dad and my Uncle used to be part of an Early Model Holden club and go to rallys and stuff, where my sister and I would slide around on the leather seats.




I suppose you can see a few old Holdens in the photo above, next to the photo of the Land Cruiser we took for a friend who has a Troopy.

This old truck was pretty cool and purred like a dream. Very old by any account! Absolutely the opposite of the GTS to the right.



There were quite a few split screen VW's, decked out with surfboards and the like. I was quite amazed with this van that I'd never seen before - a Ford Falcon! Jamie said there's more in America but I've never seen one here.




This old Holden was the same model my Dad used to have, and was even the same grey with the red seats. He sold it due to a knee reconstruction. Funny, every time I tried to get a photo some old man would be in the way. There was a guy walking around live streaming the cars with his girlfriend in Venuzuela!


This Delorien was pretty cool, and was full of memorabilia. It even had the time dial thingies from Back to the Future.

It was absolutely roasting in the hot sun - we couldn't even do the last aisle as we were burning, even with hats and sunblock. I reckon there might have been 200 cars, and many out on the street that didn't go in to the show itself.

And last but not least - a Series 1 Land Rover, and a mint specimen as well! Probably worth the least of all of them, haha. Did you know that Land Rover and Bentleys are the only cars where there's heaps of them on the road after all this time? They don't make em like they used to!


If you were to have one of these cars, what would it be?

With Love,


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Amazing. Must have been the weekend of car shows. We had one also.

Nice weekend for it - though we were dying of heat at the end!

Saw this & thought, 'why does Torquay have a car show on February & how is this the first I've heard of it?'

&, so, I was now years old when I learnt there's a Torquay in Victoria, Aus as well as Torquay, Devon, UK.

Hope you had fun

Hahahahah you learn something new every day, huh?

This is a sight to behold! The timeless beauty and classic design of each car is really nice. I would love to go to a car show soon

That red Mustang is sexy as fuck! Just not unique/fun enough for me. Series 1 would be a hella fun, though kinda rough. Id pick the Land Cruiser -- not old enough as sub-1950 stuff, not useless as a hotrod and not obvious as a muscle car

I can see exactly why you'd choose that! There were tons of cars there to choose, but of course, a 4x4 would be right for you!

They are fun! We used to take care of my uncle's 1951 Willys jeep when I was about 15yo -- those were fun days. My dad was too dumb to not get one for him when they were still cheap. Well, my uncle took the jeep back and puff gone, never seen it anymore. Now my uncle is gone and my cousing (whom I don't interact with) has got the jeep restored

The new Beamers are pretty cool too, but I am biased as well.

Haha yeah. Jamie had an old 5 series once, it was lovely. I wouldn't say no to a new beemer!

I had my driving heart set on a shiny black Herse monster 4x4 truck with a pirate flag emblazoned hood.

Call me basic, but I want that Mustang most.

Done! Let me go steal it for you. SEnd equivalent cash to Hive wallet.

I don’t know Id love to have a 69 Camero like the one my husband had when I met him.