Pandemia: Book Review

in FreeSpeech8 months ago

Alex Berenson must have been doing something right, judging by the quality of the people who oppose him. Pandemia is his account of the questions he tried to ask and the answers he had to find for himself because those who profit from hysteria and centralized government control refused to answer--or to even allow the questions to be voiced.


This book was published in 2021, so by now you can read it and understand that Alex was right about essentially everything. This makes one wonder exactly why the "experts" in government and big media were so keen to silence him. Except we know why. The answer is clear to anyone familiar with world history. People who have power create problems in order to propose themselves as the solution, thus collecting more power. Sometimes the problem is "accidental" and sometimes it is deliberately created. While Alex does not go into this, he does offer a thorough analysis of how everything governments did to fight covid was at best ineffective and at worst actually more harmful than the disease itself.

I got a hard copy of this book out of concern that digital versions might be "disappeared." I also wanted Alex to receive compensation for the work he did in telling the truth when so many who should have done so were cowards or opportunists.

Get your own copy today. Just a small way to stick it to those b****rds in power.

Reference: Berenson, Alex, 2021, Pandemia: How Coronavirus Hysteria Took Over Our Government, Rights, and Lives, Regnery, Washington, D.C.


I'll have to see if our local library can get a copy!

I've added it to my cart on Amazon for whenever I make another order.