Lets Talk About Health!

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How difficult is it to be healthy today? I have thought about that question a lot lately. Considering the fact, that we are being bombarded with poisons from all angles. From the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the products we use on our bodies and inside our homes.


People have become so complacent when it comes to their health, most people never take the time to investigate, what exactly they are consuming or using. When they become ill, they then act surprised and look to everything, besides the actually real reason for their illness.

The way in which our bodies deal with dis ease, has everything to do with what we put into them and how we treat them. It's normal to experience certain illnesses each year, as that is the way in which our bodies detox, it's one of the ways in which we get rid of toxins.

Whats important, is to allow your body to actually go through the process, of ridding itself completely of toxins. But most people, cut the process off by taking medication, as they see it as something negative. Having no faith in their body's ability to self heal.

Over the last two years when the plandemic begin, not one health professional actually offered any real health advice, instead they pushed pharmaceutical products on people and locked everyone up. As though they forgot about the most important things that we need to do in order to maintain our health.


Breathing for one, such a wonderful way of ridding our body of toxins, of reducing anxiety. It is literally what keeps us alive and instead of promoting deep breathing, we were masked up, which restricted our oxygen intake. On top of that, masks create the perfect environment in which bacteria can multiple. And where were all these masks disposed of, in biohazard bins? I think not, to this day I still see them on the roads and thrown about in nature.

But of course no one spoke of this, instead the so called professionals talked about how using cash can spread "germs" and cause illnesses !!!!

Diet, not one mention of diet, of the fact that what we eat, determines who we are. No one promoted healthy eating, if anything it was the opposite with some countries offering free donuts or McDonalds if you got vaccinated and this is about our health they say?

Exercise, instead of promoting exercise, they locked us up and shut down gyms and swimming pools. But you could still go to fast food joints and supermarkets. There was no problems with that apparently. If our governments wanted us to be healthy then they would have spoke about health.

Instead they backed the pharmaceutical companies, who wanted to experiment on us with their new vaccines. Doing all the marketing for Big Pharma.


We heard politicians talk about the dangers of people coming together, of how we must be responsible in helping to stop the spread. Yet we also saw pictures of them in restaurants and at parties, with none of them social distancing or wearing masks. We also saw the same with actors attending award ceremonies, being served by masked workers.

One rule for them, another for us, it seems. So I ask once again, has this all, really been about health?

Whats shocked me the most, is how willing some folk, are to put things into their bodies, without actually knowing what is inside. Everything from food to vaccines. Surely we should know, surely we should want to know.

Health is a way of life, it's a conscious choice that effects almost everything in your daily life. It means being informed and asking questions, researching, educating yourself. These last to years have really proved that we can not trust the so called professionals, not the ones that are in the media, because they are the ones being paid by big pharma.

We need to reconnect with our bodies, to listen to our bodies, which are more than capable of telling us what we need, in order to be healthy. Health is the highest form of self respect!

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Hi @trucklife-family... I'm just popping in to tell you how much I enjoyed this post. Encouraging people to take more responsibility for good/better personal health is always worthwhile.

Every remarkably healthier than average person I have met, all shared similar traits - one of which was to stay far away from medical professionals, unless they needed help with fixing a broken body part...😏