Beginner's Guide to Serfdom & Sorcery Discord Game

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Beginner's Guide to Serfdom & Sorcery Discord Game



Serfdom & Sorcery is a medieval-themed fantasy discord game based on HIVE where players can battle monsters(PVE) and players (PVP), own farms and ranches to harvest food and resources and train pets to pit them to the arena with an ultimate goal of ascending to the throne. In this free-to-play game, players start as Serfs and level up to become Kings by taking up quests and killings monsters. Serfdom & Sorcery (S&S) currently supports HIVE, Koinos and Wax wallets. Doubloon (DBLN) is the in-game currency.



  • Go to Psyber-X Discord Server ( or any servers that support the game.

  • In the registration channel, type in !register

  • Type the blockchain wallet that you will use to transact with the game

  • Type the blockchain account username that you will use in the game

  • Type the expertise you want to master within the game. This will be further explained in this guide.

  • Type in the discord name of the person who referred you to this game (Ehem!)



In S&S, players can choose different paths - Nature, Combat and Pillager.


Nature expertise are the masters of resource gathering. They get lesser cooldown in harvesting.


Combat expertise are the skilled fighters of the game. They get additional attack damage to monsters during quests.


Pillagers are experts in stealing food and tokens from other players.


Player Levels and Stats

Player level progression in S&S determines the assets, stats, and jobs the player can obtain in the game.

1 - 5Serf
6 - 13Peasant
14 - 33Knight
34 - 60Baron
61 - 99Duke
100 - 499King
500 - 1000Celestial

You can always check your level and stats by typing the !stats command.


Players has the following Stats:

  • Experience is the EXP obtained from quests and attacking monsters. Gather EXP to level up in the game.
  • HP is your hit points in the game. Monsters will attack you when you attack them hence reducing your HP (Duh!). You die when your HP reached 0.
  • Attack is the damage you can inflict to the monsters.
  • Defense reduces the amount of damage you get from monsters by 0.25 points.
  • Charisma Luck Dexterity are used as skill checks in Cave Exploration.
  • Terra is the land token of the game. Some perks will be enjoyed when you Staked Terra in game. (See what I did there?)
  • Expertise shows your expertise in the game. (What else?)
  • Small HP Medium HP Large HP HUGE HP and Revive are the potions you can use to replenish your HP. Use the Revive potion only when you're dead.
  • TOKENS shows how much DBLN you deposited in the game. You can also Staked DBLN in game to receive some perks. Perks will be explained later.
  • Pets shows how many pets you have. More on that later.
  • Nets shows how many nets you have. Nets are used to catch a pet.
  • Energy shows how much energy you have. Yeah, I will explain it later too. I don't even know if you're still there, honestly.



Currently, the only way a player progresses in this game is to do quests and attack monsters. You can start quests by typing !quest command and !attack to inflict some damage to the monster. Quests can be done only every 3 hours.


Quests will tell you what kind of monster you will be dealing with and the difficulty of the quest. You can continuously deal damage to the monster until it dies (or you die).


Once you defeated the monster in a quest, you will receive a reward (mainly potions) with EXP and tokens.


Note: Since there is a 3-hour cooldown for quests, you can do !attack again to attack another monster. This is a Non-quest monster which only gives tokens and EXP.



Potions heal a certain amount in HP. They are obtainable in quests and in the market.

(in HP)
(in DBLN)
Small HP25125
Medium HP75325
Large HP175800
HUGE HP4001500
Gargantuan HP1500Perk
from staking

To buy a potion, you use the !buypotion command. Indicate the type of potion and amount you will buy.


To use a potion, you use the !heal command. Indicate the type of potion to use and the amount to be applied.




While waiting for your quest's cooldown, there are other tasks that can be done in S&S. Foraging is one of those tasks. By using the !forage command, you can obtain resources or tokens in game. But be careful, you can also obtain some scenarios where you'll lose some HP because for some reason berries are poisonous. Foraging has a 30-minute cooldown.




Scavenging is like foraging only less dignified. You can also obtain tokens and resources by doing this. But as you scavenge the S&S lands, you might find dangers along the way, hence, you might lose some HP. It has a 30-minute cooldown like foraging.




Hunting is for obtaining tokens while hunting for preys. The command for this is !hunt. This is a very dangerous task as you can lose some HP. Beware of bears. Hunting has a 20-minute cooldown.




Scouting is a more dangerous type of hunting which gives more rewards than its predecessor. Using the !scoutahead command, you can obtain potions and tokens for this task. I can't stress this enough, beware of bears.
Note: Scouting is for level 10 and above only. It has a 30-minute cooldown.




Harvesting is one of the most important tasks in S&S. Using the !harvest command, you will generate farmlabor which is used for production of food in S&S. The generated farmlabor will be sold to the market automatically and the amount of sale will become your wage. Harvesting has a 5-minute cooldown but Nature experts enjoys a 2-minute cooldown.


The game price for farmlabor is 20 tokens but sometimes it goes up or down depending on the market activity.

Nature experts can increase their harvesting results by obtaining a scythe. Scythes come with various types. !upgradescythe is the command for upgrading scythes. It will upgrade your scythe depending on your Forge level. In S&S, there is a Forge level that limits the type of tools you can obtain. More on that later.

TypeCostFarming BonusBreak ChanceForge Level



Mining is also a very important task as it generates mininglabor which is used fro the production of resources such stones, steels, etc. Just like farmlabor, mininglabor will be sold in the market and the amount of sale will become your wage. To start mining, you need to buy pickaxe. Mining has a 5-minute cooldown.


Once you bought your pickaxe, you can use the !mine command to start mining some rocks.


To improve mining results, you can buy advanced pickaxes. !upgradepickaxe is the command for upgrading pickaxes. Again, the type of pickaxe you can buy is limited by your forge level. More on this forge thing later, I promise.

LevelNameCostMining BonusBreak ChanceForge Level
6Medieval Minor750,00010,00087



In S&S, fishing is a hobby one cannot live without. By using the !fish command, you can pull different types of fish randomly giving you different token equivalent. Fishing has 1 hour cooldown.


To increase the chances of pulling more rewarding fishes and decreasing the cooldown, you can buy a fishing pole. (Yes, you can fish initially by hand).

TypeCostCooldown Reduction
Wood15,000 DBLN- 15 minutes
Silver100,000 DBLN- 30 minutes
Gold1,000,000 DBLN- 45 minutes

You can also build a boat to increase the odds of greater pulls. Boat costs 300 woods and can be build by using the !buildboat command.



(As promised) The Forge allows access to pickaxes, scythes and hammers. The higher the forge level, the higher type of tools, one can be obtained. To obtain a forge, the command is !buyforge. This will give you a basic forge and you can start upgrading it from there. !upgradeforge is the command for upgrading the forge.

Forge LevelForge TypeCost
(in DBLN)
0Forge2,000Wood Pickaxe
1Stone Forge10,000Stone Pickaxe and Copper Scythes
2Iron Forge30,000Iron Pickaxe, Steel Scythes and Iron Hammers
3Steel Forge50,000Steel Pickaxe and Steel Hammers
4Diamond Forge100,000Diamond Pickaxe and Titanium Scythes
5Mithril Forge300,000Mithril Pickaxe and Diamond Hammers
6Unobtanium Forge600,000Unobtanium Pickaxe
7Medieval Miner Forge3,000,000Medieval Minor Pickaxe



Hammering is exclusive to the combat expertise. It allows players to obtain tokens by crafting it.


Just like harvesting and mining, hammering can be improved by upgrading your hammer. (Yes, combat classes are given hammers not swords).

MetalCostMining BonusBreak ChanceForge Level



Pillagers has access to ways of stealing tokens and resources from other players.

  • !steal @username command allows pillagers to get tokens from other players . This will not work on players with no DBLN or protected by any means.
  • !buydagger command will buy a dagger to increase stealing reward chances.
  • !milkpillage targetname cow-index allows pillagers to steal milk from the cow of other players. Cows can kick you so beware.
  • !sickem @username allows pillagers to send a wardog to another player to steal DBLN. Buy a wardog first. I wont tell you how. I hate wardogs.
  • !hexmaterial allows pillagers to get hex material or herbs. Herbs are used for converting pets to souls. Souls are used to train pets. Creepy, I know.



Jobs are given to S&S players for a richer player experience. You can use the !choosejob command to get a job. You can transfer to another job anytime but you have to quit your current job first. Use the !guitjob command but it will cost your 20,000 tokens. As of this writing, these are the available jobs in the game

10ConstableThe natural enemies of pillagers.
10LumberjackYou can obtain wood by chopping
25HealerYou can heal other players
70TemplarProtects others
-FishermanObtain the sailing boat to be a fisherman


Constables can use the !gethim @username command to catch pillagers. It will reduce their HP by 20 and get some DBLN from them (apparently, the token is for evidence but yeah you get that for yourself) To deal more damage to pillagers, you can buy a baton. !buybaton is the command and it will cost your 400,000 DBLN.


Lumberjacks can obtain 1 - 5 woods by using the !chop command (1 hour cooldown).


Healers can heal other players for money. You cannot heal yourself. Use the commands !smallheal @username to heal 80 HP for 120 tokens and !largeheal @username to heal 250 HP or 428 tokens.


Templars can provide !protectionward @username to protect the target from theft for 10 hours. This has a 5 hour cooldown.


Fisherman job is only obtainable by building a sailboat. To build a sailbot, you should already obtained a boat (by using the !buildboat) and then use the !buildsailbot command. Sailboat costs 200 wood and 1000 wool. Firsherman has access to these commands:

  • !harpoon hunts for bigger fish. 30-minute cooldown
  • !boatattack uses your boat to attack in quests and monster attacking.Your boat will be damaged and needs to be repaired.
  • !repairboat will repair your boat for 2 steel and 2 wood
  • !equipcannon will increase your boat attack for 500 steel and unlocks !barrage @username to deal heavy damage and steal DBLN.



Some commands in S&S consumes energy. Once your energy reach 0, you cannot do anything.

CommandEnergy Cost

To replenish your energy, there are lots of varieties of food you can eat. Nutrition value of a food determines the energy it will replenish when eaten.

FoodNutrition Value

To eat a food, the command is !eat food-type amount.


Home Sweet Home

Speaking of energy, where else can we sit down and relax to obtain free energy - home. In S&S, hovel serves are your home. Buy a hovel to replenish HP and energy for free.
To buy a hovel, you need 30 wood, 15 stone, 50 hay and 1000 DBLN. The command is !buyhovel

Once you bought a hovel as your home, you can use the !home command to see your free heal and energy cooldowns.


You can use the !home rest command to get free 100 energy for every 8 hours. The amount of energy you receive decreases depending on how many food you ate. Eat only 1 type of food and it will decrease by 50%, eat only 2 type of food and it will decrease by 25%. The amount of energy will also increase by the quality of bed you have.
You can also use !home heal command for the free 50 HP heal. The type of beds can increase the heal.

BedCostEnergy BonusHeal Bonus
Haystack20 Hay100
Simple Bed10 wood 10 wool155
Comfy Bed5 wood 20 wool2010

Use the command !homeimprovement bed to upgrade your bed.



Resources are needed to build buildings and produce food in the game. Here are some resources you will need in the game:

woodBuild Boat, Sailboat, Hovel, Bed, Cheese Cellar, Repair Boat etc.
steelBuild Cheese Cellar, Mining Complex, Repair Boat etc.
woolBuild Sailboat,
cornChickeneggs, Chicken
hayMilking Cows, Sheering Sheep, Haystack etc.
stoneBuild Mining Complex, Cheese Cellar etc.

To buy these resources, you can use the !buy



Deposit and Withdraw DBLN

!deposit command is used to deposit DBLN in the game. The DBLN should be in HIVE, WAX or KOINOS exchanges of the account you linked to the game.
!withdraw command will guide you to the process of withdrawing DBLN from the game. The amount you can withdraw from the game is limited by your staked DBLN:

10,000 - 99,999 staked tokens: Withdraw 1% of their staked tokens.
100,000 - 499,999 staked tokens: Withdraw 10% of their staked tokens.
500,000 - 999,999 staked tokens: Withdraw 10% of their staked tokens.
1,000,000 or more staked tokens: Unlimited withdrawal limit.

Aside from the limit, there is also a flat tax rate of 5% for every withdrawal.


Other Commands

!inventoryShows all of your game stats, resources, buildings etc.
!showinventory buildingShows only your buildings
!showinventory foodShows all the food you have and eaten
!showinventory resourceShows all the resources you have bought
!leaderboardShows the level and rank leaderboards
!cooldownsShows all the cooldowns of your tasks
!stake Stakes DBLN. Staked money cannot be pillaged.
!beginunlockUntasking DBLN

There are still lots of things to be discussed about S&S like Market, Beastiary, Pets and so much more. But I believe that these topics are what beginners will find important to know first.

Special thanks to @dracionoverlord for creating the game, @sketchygamerguy for the guide and @weegel for the support.

I will post more content and even a part 2 of this beginners guide.

Ascend to the Throne!


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