MYRIANODE token membership club is alive and well with new Myria Announcements!

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We are rolling on through the bear market but builders be building - the Myria team has continued to roll out announcement after announcement. Many moons ago when I asked about node rewards, they told me it would be after Myria token launch and after Node Public Sale. Those things are today a reality in the land of #Myria.

PsyberX on Myria

So I went hunting once again for our nodes, and lo and behold, I finally found them:


We have two wallets full, 4 full Founder's Myria Nodes:


We also have 0.1984 ETH between the two wallets, currently worth $367,04 or 874 HIVE, and that should be enough to cover any future gas fees.

And so this brings us to MYRIANODE token.

With just over 35,000 tokens issued, @psybersects has managed to buy back 1166 of them, and @abrockman owns 32,000 of these, you can see the richlist here. So we can say that there are 34,007.5 circulating supply backed mostly by these four nodes.

What are the public sale nodes being sold for?


They are selling nodes for $4500 dollars of $MYRIA token, which we can cross-calculate to be about 10,714 HIVE. Of course our nodes are 'founder' nodes, no indication yet whether that will mean it is more special - so let's use this number.

So there are 43730 HIVE worth of assets backing 34,007.5 tokens, giving us an Asset-Backed Value (ABV) of 1.286 HIVE per MYRIANODE token.

ABV: 1.286 HIVE per MYRIANODE token

Our relationship with Myria continues to grow as they grow, their continuous announcements and rollout of the development roadmap continues to bring new eyeballs in, and when they are in, they see @psyberx.

Builders continue to build throughout the bear market to get positioned well before the opportunity strikes. Myria and PsyberX are doing just that, and strengthen each other in the process.

More to come soon from this great collaboration.


That's pretty cool, most of it is over my head though. lol, I hope the founder's title makes it more special.

Uhhh that are great news
And I never thought that I would be on #3 of the richlist xD

what do we get from holding that token?

so far, nothing, but $MYRIA rewards should be starting soon!

I never went there

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