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Here at Psyber-X, we have officially begun paid advertising outside of Hive. With the successful launch of the pre-alpha to our Founders and the soon to be announced launch of our multi-player version, it is time to get mass attention on our flagship, Psyber-X.

Why did you wait so long?

While it has been important to keep our Hive brothers and sisters informed on what we were doing and providing them with access to LVL and our NFTs, people outside of Hive can sometimes be harder to motivate to join and wait. We have onboarded many people to Hive in our grassroots efforts across multiple blockchains. However, now that we will be able to introduce the multiplayer version in the coming days and soon thereafter provide a multiplayer experience where LVL antes can be placed, people need to be made aware like no other time.

We have started with multiple smaller ad campaigns to start. We have also enlisted a few folks to help with ramping up other social media usage. We hope by consistent posts and multiple ads, we will see gamers come to Hive in droves. We also just made our Discord "discoverable." We hope to see growth from this effort, too.

Your Help

If you're a gamer and you want to play Psyber-X or any of the other games we will be offering soon, please join us on Discord. We'd be glad to have you. If you know people who you've been waiting to invite to see what we have to offer, we believe now is better than ever to get them involved. We invite you to interact with our social media accounts to increase exposure to our games. If you're a fan of Hive, you can help grow its userbase by helping us spread the word about Psyber-X. If you're just a fan of gaming, continue to play the other games offered via Hive, like Splinterlands, Rising Star, KOD, and many others. Add us to your list so that when Psyber-X and the other games come out to the public, you'll already be ready to join in the fun. Feel free to promote our posts or cross-post in communities where you don't see us very often. Every bit helps.

Recap of our History

In September 2021, we started on Hive. We announced that we would be creating a FPS game. We gave insight to what we wanted Psyber-X to be with Hive as our chosen blockchain and community. Between September through December, there were awards and titles given to people based on LVL Purchases. That's how we got Founders in the first place. In December we announced a gameplay sneak peek video would be posted in February 2022. In February, the gameplay sneak peek was presented using Unity assets. We wanted more than what Unity had to offer, graphics-wise, so we transitioned to Unreal Engine 5, the most premiere game building platform available to mankind. We started to sell land within the Psyberverse, with its expected use in 2023, a later phase of our game build. We sold out of Commercial Plots within a week.

We promised a Marketplace, but were in fact delayed by a month. It launched on May 13, 2022 and people were able to buy the much anticipated Psybercrates where you could get 5 NFTs for $20 equivalent in Hive or HBD. In July, we added LVL as an option for purchasing crates. In August, we introduced new videos showing off parts of the maps within Psyber-X. We wanted to allow Founders to have a map walk-through, but it just wasn't ready. We took some criticism for that, but were honest with where we were in the game build. At the beginning of November 2022, the "inner circle" downloaded and played the first version of Psyber-X. We fell through holes in the floor, spawned in locked areas of the map and fell off the map entirely. With some immediate tweaks, version 2 was made available. Again the inner team tested it and noted there were some issues, but it was ready for the Founders to get it and play it.

November 21, 2022, the first two Founders to request access were able to download and play Psyber-X. Immediately, dozens of Founders followed suit to download and play. Simultaneously, we went to work getting the Multi-player version ready. On Dec 1, today, the inner team downloaded the multiplayer version.


That's where we stand today.

What's next?

We are super excited for upcoming game play. We look forward to allowing the Founders to play the multiplayer version. We're also working on a package installer to create a better/streamlined downloading process. Simultaneously, we're working on attaching everything in-game to multiple blockchains. Once this is done, when a player opens Psyber-X, the game will search their accounts to see what NFTs they own, if any (This is when the Alpha stage happens, as far as we're concerned). If they own some, they'll be able to Load Out their character in-game with what they own. If they don't own any NFTs, they'll have to find weapons beyond the basic pistol in the game. Also once the blockchain in interlinked with the game, LVL will be anted for gameplay and Founders will be the first to earn LVL by playing Psyber-X. Once that has proven to be the case, that all transactions are properly recorded on the blockchain and any bugs are worked out, we will officially be in Beta stage. We expect the Alpha testing to last several weeks. Once Beta testing begins, more people will be invited to play. Eventually, we will open our game publicly.

Sometime between now and then, we expect to have a referral program available where you can refer people to Psyber-X, and when they buy assets from Psyber-X, you will get a percentage of the proceeds. We already have some code to support this and are working on building it to 3 layers so you can reap the benefits of spreading the word about Psyber-X. More on this will be shared at a later date. So whether you like games or not, there is still a benefit to you and Hive for referring people to come play with us.


We have some. We've had them since the beginning. Every project has them. The fact that we have naysayers at this point proves we're walking on the same ground as the big players. Mudslinging is easy, but is often ungrounded, full of negative speculation based on misunderstandings or taking things out of context, and hyperbole. We hope that you will see them for what they are and move on. We will continue doing our best to provide you with the best gaming experience on Hive, and we hope, in all of web3.0. You have a choice. You can help build with us, you can ignore us, or you can hate us. We invite you to do the first. Build with us. Help us bring more people to Hive. Let's show people what a blockchain game in capable of being.

Thank you!

For those of you who have stuck with us, who have had some doubts yourselves potentially, thank you for sticking around. In just a few weeks, we expect that your wait will have all been worth it and we will rejoice together.

Psyber-X Title Screen Thumbnail 2.png

Are You Ready to Play?

If you're ready to play, there are 3 passes that will allow you that privilege currently. They are the Bronze, Silver, and Gold passes.

The Bronze pass is 1.5 avax to mint (less than $20 USD in today's value. Just a few months ago that would have been $50). It comes with a Legendary weapon and access to the pre-alpha/Alpha. There are a limited number of these passes, but this is a guaranteed way to get a Legendary NFT. @bobthebuilder2 bought one just for the weapon.

The Silver pass is 0.5 Eth and comes with 10 Psybercrates ($200 value), 2 Small Land Plots ($600 value), 2 Legendary Weapons (value depends on market), 1 Character (value depends on market), and access to play the pre-alpha/Alpha.

The Gold pass is 3 Eth and comes with 15 Small Land plots ($4500 value), the Land Baron title, 100 Psybercrates ($2,000 value), 1 Character, 3 Weapons, and access to play the pre-alpha/Alpha and recognition as a Founder.

Once purchased, notify us on Discord and we'll give you the instructions on how to download and play Psyber-X. We look forward to playing with you! If you are not able to buy any of the passes, LVL is available on the Hive Engine

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Psyber-Decks is a mini-game being developed to use Psyber-X NFTs. If you'd like to be able to play the game before anyone else, you simply need to buy 2 Psybercrates at for the Alpha testing access.

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*There is nothing in this post that should be construed as financial advice. If you are looking for financial advice from a blog post, you're looking the wrong place. Talk to someone who has a fiduciary responsibility to look out for you if that's what you're looking for. Be responsible!


Good to see the progress being made. Excited to see the potential of the onboarding of this game. You have laid out a strong path.

Let's see it all come together.

Posted via Veews

With a pre-alpha giving solid results and very few bugs to report, we're confident that people will really take on to this game. I saw videos today of other NFT p2e games today and they all pale in comparison. Our game should wake some people up into the possibilities of what can happen!

Looking forward to the game. Looking at the vids on their Discord and they are looking great!

well done! Polishing the game and marketing should probably be the top priorities now

Great updates here 👌

I love the historical development here as it shows that PsyberX has fulfilled most of its promises, and looks forward to doing more.


That means the alpha and beta testing stages are open to only those with the pass, and this will last from this period till, Multiplayer (now), the integration of NFTs and final blockchain integration, right?

Once the Multiplayer, full NFT integration, and blockchain recording are solid, we can go into public play. We want to give those who bought passes time to appreciate the value of getting the passes, too, above and beyond the goodies that come with the passes. With that being said, the sooner we can get it public where everyone feels happy with what they've paid for, the better. I reached out to several YouTube influencers today...we'll see where that leads.

Hopefully the game will be available to play for everyone!
Keep it up the good work guys!


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