Releasing Founders Videos to the Public, PLUS BONUS THEY DIDN'T SEE...

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Authored by @bobthebuilder2

We reward our Founders with exclusive content. The videos you see here were provided to them a week ago. We promised them time to be able to see it before released to the public and that time has come.

We didn't just provide ONE video for the Founders. We gave them TWO!!!. Here's the 2nd one:

By the way...stop's not a good look...just like the video, leave a comment with your Hive username, and subscribe. YouTube likes it when you do things like that ;)

By the way, here's another video I'm leaking to you that the Founders did NOT get last week...

Are You Ready to Play?

Time to pick up some crates

Discount on Psybercrates

As a reminder, as long as you hold 200K LVL in your Hive wallet, you'll automatically get a 30% discount at Also, there are just under 2,000 Special, Limited Edition Airdropped crates left to distribute. In order to qualify for one, you need to have an average of 200K LVL held over 2 months. This means if you have 0 LVL now and you buy 400K LVL before the next snapshot, you'd have an average of 200K LVL (0+400K=400K/2=200K LVL). This will earn you 1 Airdropped crate. Once they're all gone, they're all gone. To recap: there are standard crates that anyone can buy and there are airdropped crates that can only be earned. If you have enough LVL, you'll get a discount and potentially an airdropped crate.

How to buy LVL

You can buy LVL here: Hive Engine, dCity's BeeSwap, or with our good friends at LeoFinance's LeoDex. If you're learning about LVL and you're not on Hive yet, you can also buy LVL by going to a few of the Avalanch Liquidity Pools like: Pangolin If you can't find LVL, you simply need the contract number


With that ID, you can swap AVAX for wLVL. Once you own wLVL in your MetaMask wallet (or similar), you can swap the wLVL for Hive's 2nd layer LVL using

Over 10M LVL has exchanged hands back and forth over that bridge!

It's all up to You

Buy LVL or don't buy LVL. Buy Psybercrates or don't buy them. Here at Psyber-X, we're super excited about what are game will mean to many of you. We can't wait to have the game ready and to start hearing the stories of tactical rampages you wage to earn LVL through sponsored events and how you'll use that to get the gear you need to set yourself apart from your enemies. It'll be exciting to sit back in someone's commercial plot and watch a video feed from the killing grounds where you'll see weapons your fellow gamers inspired. This way, you can truly have "skin" in the game. Want to reserve your Skin, reach out to me in Discord. We can discuss the particulars.

We look forward to serving you!


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Woah!! PsyberX is looking FANTASTIC! The lighting in this 3rd demo is just perfect.. only missing some blood lol but I'm sure you guys will be working on that

Huge progress so far! Looking forward to play this game! 🔥

Hiding a video from us eh you sneaky bees you :)

Still great demo and good confidence in what you are making


You hid that from us, ROFL! Paybacks my friend, you better hide from my NFTs I will deploy!

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great videos

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This looks kind of cool. Interested to see what fun features this game is planning to have.

join us on discord ;)

This is really shaping up!

I'd like to see knifing for up close combat situations

Fantastic work!!! It gonna be the best p2e game in 2022!


A soundtrack like that would be nice 😎

Psyberx is going to be a good game !

The game is getting really nice!
I haven't been excited about a fps for a long time but the game's mkt is leaving me in a mega hype!


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Can't wait more for game release, let's go guys 🚀🚀🚀.

You will be waiting a long long long time. lol

amazing work! Keep it up.
Looking forward to getting my ass kicked in a few months.... ;p

btw when it comes to gameplay, the multiplayer on the original Last of Us game was by far the most enjoyable tactical play Ive ever experienced. Shooters are not my preferred gameplay but that one really got me hooked because of all the custom tactical skill combinations. there was also the crates and crafting mechanic in it which added an interesting alternative focus to the strategies. A crypto like
LVL could be incorporated brilliantly in to a mechanic like this. For example, you could collect small amounts of LVL during the game if you focus on getting to certain sites at certain times, and if you decided to put your skill points in to LVL collection you might be able to harvest more, but of course that might disadvantage you in the actual matchup and therefore lead to less rewards if you perform badly.
other customizable skill combos in Last of Us multiplayer were things like:
stealth - skills that made you harder to see/hear/mark
physical - skills that made you stronger in melee , more resilient or faster movement/reloading
healing - skills that gave you advantages in healing yourself or your teammates (which reminds me, the WOUNDED status in Last of Us is absolute genius, where you are just crawling around bleeding out hoping for a teammate to heal you - this creates so many amazing moments in the game, i cant even tell you)
strategic skills - like improved exlosion radius, immunity to smoke stuns, superior marking ability, even meta stuff like being able to spawn near a specific ally after youve died.
there are many fascinating combos and Im sure this would be a mammoth development task, but I had to say something. If you haven't played the game, get Last of Us remastered on a ps4 or ps5 ASAP and get your chops around it. People are still totally addicted to it and it doesnt take long to find out why!

Thanks for the suggestion. It sounds worthy of looking into.

i know how you love to pile more work in to your already busy schedule ;p

Looking awesome! Can't wait until launch!

This is awesome. Need to play some other fps, so I can be great when psyberx finally launches

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Amazing video

Trumpybear approves



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