No birds yet, but lots of deer

in Birding / Wildlife3 months ago

If you've followed my other posts, you know that I put up a new bird feeder a few days ago (Actually 3 and a half days ago now). While the birds haven't found it yet, there have been one of my normal groups of deer coming through.

Here's a few of them together. There was actually eight of them in this group hanging out, but others were spread out a bit.


Here is the Mama deer, getting ready for a foot stomp. If you didn't know, deer will often stomp their foot to warn the other deer of danger. It can also serve to draw predator's attention to them, rather than younger fawns.


Here's one of the small bucks in the area. This little guy probably just 2 years old, given the forked antlers without much additional growth yet.



I hope you enjoyed viewing them as much as I enjoyed "shooting" them!
Bird photo's coming as soon as they find the feeder!

Still time to enter the "Guess the first Bird" contest in my previous post!

All photo's original work copyright 2021 by the author of this post.
Shot with Sony A7R4 100-400 GM lens.


Build it and they will come Kris...Dem birds aren't far away, and in the mean time this lot will keep you company.

There's that bugger Kris again.png

Well, at least someone got a laugh. That was the intention.

LMAO, I was trying to think of a caption for this one. Nice one.

I did a nice generic one...Was other things I could have done but this got the desired result, no need to get any more complicated. 😁

Mengapa rusanya terlihat terkejut

Thanks for your comment. :)

😍...what have you put in the feeder lol...can I make a new guess about the deer showing up?...🤔...I am guessing the deer shows up 3 days after you put up the feeder...😁

Heh, well the deer show up nearly every day, so no guesses on that one! Don't even have to feed them and they seem to be getting a bit over-populated. There's like what 5 new youngsters in that group alone. There's at least 2 other groups that come around fairly regular as well.

My friend you better look up today, it's not the birds flying's debris that might end up in your feeder ✈️ 😅

No kidding, amazing all the photos and videos of the plane and falling parts!

Crazy, haven't watched the news in 2 days and woke up to CNN Breaking news and thought wonder the birds don't show up lol. Happened in the Netherlands too btw, same day...

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Very funny! @galenkp😀

I think the birds are waiting and let the deer go first to make sure there's no gunfire @ksteem