The Wekeend | Playing Fun at the Beach

Authored by @afridany

Hi Hiverr in The Weekeend Community, how are you today? May the holiday weekend always be cheerful.


Today is a beautiful weekend, the sky is shining brightly, and the atmosphere is very supportive of our vacation at the beach. As usual the beach is my choice at this time every Sunday for a vacation with my beloved family.

I woke up early at 6. After getting ready, we went straight to the beach. Arriving there, I enjoyed a cup of coffee, then walked to the beach.


I swam and dived a few times. The sea water today is very salty, because it has been raining heavily for the past week, the sky is cloudy. Only today, the sky is shining brighter. I invited Hanum's daughter to take a bath together. He screamed because he was afraid of the waves.

Sometimes I teach him to swim like a whale, but he doesn't dare. The waves weren't that high, but he was still scared.

Then after taking a shower, I walked to the nearest canteen, enjoyed a cold bottle of tea, feeling thirsty. I took out my cell phone camera, and headed east.

Visitors are enjoying some games on the beach. No sadness there, all are happy together. I captured some of those moments and they laughed.


I started my first shot at a number of young men playing beach volleyball, they looked like they were practicing. Pass and smash.


The shots of the two lenses are aimed at the tire player. Car tires that are used as floats in water. Playing tires with the waves can pass the waves not sinking.


Next up are motor racing players. This motorbike has four wheels, perfect for circling large areas of the beach. This motorbike is rented by a beach parlor at an affordable price. So, no need to walk.



This last one is a rubber boat player. Where this rubber boat can function to navigate the vast ocean. According to the owner of the boat, he bought it by ordering online, for five hundred and fifty thousand rupiah. He looks very relaxed playing with his son on the waves.


That's it guys for my Weekend post this week. How about the weekend friends? Thank you for visiting my blog, Greetings and Thank you.


Best place to enjoy for a weekend break, children love being out participating in sport. Everyone always appears happiest when out on a beach!

Nice photography sharing the day @afridany1

@joanstewart, thank you my friends.

Have a wonderful new week.

Nothing like a nice say in the beach and you documented your experience there so well