Three Spending Habits to Cut Back On and Saving money

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Saving money can be dangerous, as I frequently dine out, purchase needless tools that I won't use for a long time, and subscribe to OTT services.

Let's now discuss my rationale for picking those items.

  1. Dining outside

Dining out may be a time-saving and delightful activity that also lets you sample a variety of cuisines and flavors.

however, the cost can also be high. When I eat out, the price of the food, beverages, and gratuities may pile up rapidly and seriously deplete my budget.

By preparing more meals at home, I can spend less money eating out. While you have control over the products and portion proportions, cooking at home might not only be more affordable but also healthier.
Moreover, my family and friends are pressuring me to be in shape, so I believe it may be time to reduce my weight.

For me, cutting back will be difficult because it has become a habit. So I'm going to start by deciding how many times a week I'll cook at home, and then I'll progressively raise that amount.

.2 Buying tools when not needed:

Tools are useful for DIY projects and repairs around the house, I buy tools I don't need often wasting my money. I buy them as I have a passion for DIY projects I am not a professional or do it for living. just like having my own tools not borrowing them. I will not be buying any tools now as I think I have enough so I'm saving money here

.3 OTT platform membership

I used to have subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video in covid lockdown because I was constantly bored, but I only have one now. I don't watch as much Netflix now as I did back when I had nothing better to do than watch shows, but it's nice to have Netflix when guests visit my home, so I'll keep it.

In summary,

Although it can be difficult, reducing spending is an essential step in achieving financial security. By examining your purchasing patterns and making simple adjustments, you can save money and have extra cash to purchase other goods or cryptocurrency.


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