Relax on the beach while enjoying delicious satay snacks

Hi Hivers Friends

This Sunday the weather was really beautiful, the sunshine was bright but didn't feel the least bit hot, on this beautiful afternoon I decided to go for a walk to the beach to relax while enjoying some delicious snacks there.

On the way, I saw that the city still looked quiet this afternoon, which was natural because in front of me was an empty street because we were at a red light, hehe.

When we arrived at the beach, we were immediately greeted by a very busy atmosphere, many people were seen enjoying the beauty of the beach this afternoon.

However, what made me interested was the food outlet on this beach. I was always curious about the food stalls which were crowded with lots of people, because usually the ones with lots of buyers must have really delicious food being sold there.

I started to get closer to see what was being sold there, it turned out this was a satay outlet. Many types of snack satay are sold here, such as sausage satay, meatball satay, chicken satay, shrimp sausage satay, tofu satay, tempe satay and quail egg satay are also available here.

My friend and I decided to buy several kinds of satay for our snacks while enjoying the beautiful beach this afternoon. After choosing these satays and we put them on a plate, then our satays were immediately grilled with peanut sauce and soy sauce so that the taste was even more delicious.

While waiting for our satay to finish grilling, I saw more and more people stopping by this outlet to buy snacks like us.

After our satays were finished grilling, we went straight to the beach to enjoy the delicious satay while enjoying the beautiful view on the beach.

This Sunday afternoon was really the most enjoyable afternoon for me because I had the opportunity to go to the beach and enjoy delicious snacks, while hanging out here we chatted lots of exciting things which made my mind very fresh and my mood became happy.

Around 1 hour of hanging out on the beach, we finally decided to go home because it was getting dark.

This is the story of my excitement at the weekend this week, see you in the next post.

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