[WE-142] - Automated or manual vehicle

For this weekend engagement I answer whether I would prefer an autonomous or manual vehicle. So let's look and the pro's and con's of each.


There is something lovely about driving a manual car when you are driving it somewhere nice and when its nice weather. And of course you have a nice car. There is a real buzz to it.

However, that is usually how I drive in my dreams rather than my daily life. Where I live, its expensive to drive, there are very limited places to park and there are a lot of traffic jams. Its usually easier to take public transport than to find parking anywhere near where I want to go. Quite often driving is the expensive and impractical alternative to other forms of transport.


In theory at least, an autonomous car could drop me to the door of where I want to go and then go and park somewhere which wouldn't cost me so much. So from that respect, it could be convenient.

Also, since I wouldn't be driving, I could work on my laptop when on route to my destination. I often take trains for that very reason - I can work as I travel. Where as if I drive, its quite tiring and is a waste of time.

Obvious winner?

So it seems that I would prefer an autonomous vehicle? Well if I had to choose, I probably would go for an autonomous vehicle.

However, what about a safety comparison?

Well, at the moment we don't quite seem to be there with the tech and I would feel safer driving by myself. However, I am sure that its just a matter of time before autonomous vehicles are safer on average than manually driving cars.

I actually think when that happens, the insurance companies will make it nearly impossible to drive a manual car by making the insurance so expensive that it excludes most drivers. Why would insurance companies encourage manual driving when automated driving was safer for them to insure?

Missing the old days

People would miss the old days and would probably want to drive recreationally to get the buzz of controlling a vehicle. I hope one day that there are place to go and do that whilst keeping the roads safe.


So, I choose a fully automated vehicle because it would actually be more practical for me. Hopefully though, with the chance to drive a manual recreationally again at some point.

Image source; Pexels


What a great idea to have an autonomous car. I see it as safer and very practical, maybe even easier to drive and control.

Cheers @awah thanks for sharing your ingenuity 👍.

I am sure one day they will be safer and then hopefully that will make the roads safer and we can save our time from driving.

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Great points!
I think automated will be safer in the long run..

Even safe drivers can be unpredictable at times; then there are those who slow traffic down because they jump queues etc.
They've done tests and found that if people stay in lane with a slight distance from each other, so they don't have to break all the time, traffic generally flows better, but people are so impatient and try to be clever! 😄

Like you I totally love the idea of being able to do other things, driving is such a waste of my time, apart from listening to music or podcasts/audiobooks and such like of course.

I'm curious what the future brings on this subject!

PS: I come from Hamburg and prefer using public transport whenever I can, but it's not that easy where I am right now, unfortunately.

We are all to easily distracted. And some are just impatient and want to show off. Let the show offs have recreational fun off the road.

I am sure in a few years the autonomous cars will be safer. Its just a matter of time.

I am lucky for public transport. Although I am right on the edge of London and have access to countryside, it's less than 16 min walk to the nearest tube station and there are also lots of buses.

Cheers !wine

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That's brilliant! I envy you! 😃