Gotta enjoy the sun in autumn


This is a rare day in Finland: sunny in October. It's times like these when I'm glad we have an apartment with a backyard facing south, because you can get the most out of this rare weather in autumn.


The terace barely gets any wind so even at 13 degrees, the sunshine was so warm that I was comfortable with a t-shirt. Besides enjoying some breakfast, it was a good time to do some raking in the yard, too. Perfect weather to enjoy Sunday at.

This autumn/winter I'm trying to prepare and minimize any negative effects that the dark weather might cause. Part of that is suplementing vitamin D and go get it from the sun whenever possible. The light in itself also helps to sync circadian rhythm. For the darkest days I'll dig out the bright light for that purpose.


Yeah man, nordic dark winters are pretty hard. Almost no sunshine for months. October is well enough here in Estonia but November and December can be weeks without seeing any sunshine. Gets a bit better in January and February.

Yeah November and December are harsh. And I live in Helsinki, living up in the north of Lapland is even more brutal; the sun literally doesn't rise up to the sky for a period.

At least the plus side is that northern lights are almost always visible when clear sky happens 😄

Yeah true :D