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Hello, friends of Hive.

Today I want to share a little bit about the great event that took place in the city where I live, Cagua, Aragua state.

The weekend before last, exactly on Sunday the 7th of this month. There was a Divine Mercy walk, which was organized by Father Jose Luis Gonzalez, parish priest of Corpus Cristi parish, in Corinsa.

I must say that this time the information tried to reach more people. So Globovision channel transmitted the information before, during and after the event. We also had the presence of the renowned journalist Eduardo Rodriguez Giolitti. Who made the whole tour, accompanied by his wife.

The truth is that I was very pleased to know that this event is reaching other people. In the same way, Father Jose Luis Gonzalez, wants it to be a massive event, accompanied by many people from different cities.

It had a good organization, many hydration points, fruits, sweets, ice cream and lots of water.

There were different floats carrying images. And the huge banner with the image of the Divine Mercy.

I was accompanied by my husband, my two children and my mother. We calmly went through the walk and ended with the great mass, presided by the bishop of the diocese of Maracay, Monsignor Enrique Parravano. And accompanied by seminarians, priests and deacons.

It was a day of blessings. And best of all, I was accompanied by family and friends

"Walking with your great Mercy Lord."












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