A weekend for cinemas

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FEST started on Friday 23.02.

The International Film Festival, which is already taking place in Belgrade for the 52nd year.

What does this mean for me, who considers myself a lover of theater and cinema?


It means that some part of those 10 days, I will spend in cinema halls.






Since weekday screenings are too difficult to fit in (I'm driving to one of them right now from work), I like it best when I fit in to watch movies over the weekend.

So last weekend, I chose two evening screenings and enjoyed them.



We watched two movies that are highly recommended, two comedies that we really enjoyed.
I will share with you only the names of the films, and see the reviews in a few days in a subsequent post. "THE PALACE", and "EL CU4RTO PASAJERO".

We organized the viewing of these films in a larger group, so that apart from the cinema hall, we spent some time hanging out in the cafes of the shopping centers where the cinema halls are located.

And for the screening itself, it is already known in advance, equipped with popcorn, a bag, a basket, anything is a good choice (better basket 🙂), ready to enjoy the movies.




This 52nd festival will make a total of two weekends and two more weekdays interesting for me (during which I will be sitting in cinema halls after work).


It looks like a great event, and with a big portion of popcorn in hand, it's even better 🍿

Over the weekend, I enjoyed two movies and lots of popcorn.
Today I went straight from work to the screening, the movie was a disaster, and I had no popcorn. Doom...

I could call this a bad day 🤣😂🤣

If someone recommends "Black Tea", save yourself and don't watch it 😄

I'll keep it in mind, thans!

awww is that buttered popcorn i miss that so much TT

😀 With butter, the best.

ya TT but malaysia we have caramel haha i miss butter

Caramel, yum, yum 😀

buttered better trust me