Opera with dinner or dinner with opera...? Whatever. This was great experience

Weekend after weekend, January passes, a month in which we have many important family dates.

The January weekends were so full that we had to move some part of the deal to February.
These were all nice weekend experiences and I was hoping that the weekends in February would be just as interesting.

We had an appointment for last weekend, to meet with friends for dinner.

We needed to find an interesting restaurant that serves delicious food and has live music.

As we had a phenomenal tour on Saturday (I will write about it on another occasion), which took us back like a time machine 100 or 150 years ago, to the era when cultural events were balls and operas, I wanted to meet on Sunday evening in a small restaurant that exudes such an atmosphere.

Little Bay, the only restaurant in Belgrade where you can listen classical music.

Right at the entrance to the restaurant, as soon as you cross its threshold, you realize that you have entered a totally different restaurant from all the others you have been to.

The baroque interior with painted portraits of classical music artists, gold ornaments and heavy red curtains makes you think you are in a 19th century movie.
The restaurant has theater boxes (galleries) that bear the names of some of the most famous composers of classical music, so you get the impression that you have entered an exclusive theater instead of a restaurant.

The restaurant is part of a chain of restaurants of the same name in London and Brighton owned by our fellow citizen , decided to open his fifth restaurant in his homeland and thus Belgrade got the only restaurant dedicated to classical music.
Opera singers, as well as classical and jazz music performers perform in the restaurant.

While we enjoyed European food with a French flavor, with a wine recommendation that went perfectly with the dish, we enjoyed with the lovely sounds of music that we rarely get the chance to hear anywhere.

It's a very strange feeling to have a beef burger on your plate while an opera singer is performing, for example, "Santa Lucia".

This dinner was a real weekend gastronomic experience, which will remain in our fond memories for a long time.
Along with excellent white wine, we enjoyed spring rolls filled with smoked chicken, bruschetta with baked cheese and crab croquettes.

In addition to the already mentioned burger, juicy gnocchi with chicken and baked pork ribs in barbecue sauce were the right choice.

Unfortunately, we were so full that there was "no space" for the cake recommended by the chef...

After dinner, we sat in our gallery overlooking the entire restaurant and enjoyed the music and singing until the artists left the stage.

The exceptional experience we had last weekend, we will definitely be doing it again soon.
Every day there are different performers on the stage, so we will certainly come to a new experience of classical or jazz music, as well as a new gastronomic experience...

Thank you for stopping by my post and I hope you enjoyed the photos and the story I shared with you

All photos are my property, taken with a mobile phone


The atmosphere in the restaurant is exquisite, a perfect date scene. Their food looks great too

just this classical music and a glass of wine and nothing more is needed.