Classical music, country music or rock and roll - Weekend-Engagement topics: WEEK 201

From my birth, when I could distinguish music among the first sounds, in celebration of my birth, until today, I am surrounded by the sounds of music.
Music is there on every occasion, which is not surprising.
Of course, we will hear music on every occasion, considering that a composer from this area (Goran Bregovic) called his orchestra an "Orchestra for weddings and funerals".
It is played and sung when happy, but also when sad.
And what is being played and sung?
Well, here is another example of Goran Bregovic, the man who was the frontman of the rock group Bijelo Dugme, turned to a total ethno (country) style, introducing trumpets into his orchestra...

But he also connected with classical music, because the same orchestra makes up half of the symphonic...

Classical music, country music or rock and roll, what's your preference and why?

**What do I like to listen to? What is my choice?

It depends on the occasion and the situation.
Sometimes I listen to classical music (on January 1st I must watch the broadcast from the Vienna Philharmonic on the TV program), sometimes I go to concerts of rock and pop music from these areas, sometimes I listen country...

As the years go by, I slowly part ways with some artists who marked the music of my life, but that's how it goes in life, people leave, music stays...

Djordje Balasevic, the best songwriter I've ever heard in my life

And I mostly listen to folk music. It somehow happens that all gatherings and celebrations in society and family are celebrated with accordion sounds and folk music.... With music I've been listening to all my life, that's why I fell in love with it. Sometimes, at the first beat of the music, I recognize which track it is and I can immediately sing the first lines……

And how did that love affect my life... I was lucky enough to grow up 30 and more years ago, when there were no social networks, Instagram and TikTok, because I'm almost sure I would have been the target of ridicule because of the choice of music I listen to. Then my friends listened to domestic and foreign rock and pop, and I listened to folk music. Proclaimed a peasant, I didn't give up my favorite music, regularly listening to all other musical genres...
And so, I was ridiculed for years, until my friends started going to parties, where folk music was indispensable... Then they looked at me with admiration, as I know all that music...
A few months ago, at my birthday celebration, gathered with those old friends, I laughed at that joke about listening to folk songs, while today they are bigger fans of folk music than I am 😀


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