This weekend we celebrate St. John the Baptist ("Slava" Sveti Jovan Krstitelj)

I'm looking at the topics that @galenkp assigned for this #Weekend-Engagement topics: WEEK 189 and although I could write on any, I choose:
- Outdoors or indoors this weekend, what's your preference and why?

If this weekend wasn't January 20, I would probably choose the outdoors option, but as today we celebrate St. Jovan, I choose the indoors option.

From Friday morning, when the preparation for "Slava" began (sitting the house, wiping the plates and cutlery that will be placed for the guests, preparing the finest dishes, various salads, roasting pig and cakes), I did not leave the apartment, except to buy the necessary food for preparation and drinks.

It started snowing on Friday afternoon, and this morning a beautiful, bright day dawned, with falling snow on treetops, cars, and streets.
All white and clean, ideal for walking...


But on the days when "Slava" is celebrated, we don`t leave the house.

On that day (and most of the following two days as well, because it is customary for Serbs to celebrate for three days), all those who celebrate are hosts to the guests who come to visit them.

You are probably wondering what "Slava" is, what Duskobgd is writing about 🙂

All Orthodox believers have their own saint, the patron of the home.
Today, January 20, when it is the day of Sv. Jovan (St. John the Baptist).


And only the Serbs, out of all the other Orthodox, celebrate "Slava" on that day, when it is the day of the patron saint of their home.

On that day, the best meal is prepared, the hostess kneads "Kolač", a special decorated bread, as well as cooks grain, which is taken with the cake to the church, where everything is sanctified together.


A festive table is set and a lighted candle is indispensable, which stands on the table from morning to evening, and with the "Kolač", grain and icon, with guests coming throughout the day, it gives this table a festive atmosphere.


I could write a lot more on the subject of "Slava", but as I am expecting guests, I used some free time to introduce you to this traditional event of Serbs, which was included in the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage in 2014.
You can read more about "Slava" on the Wikipedia page (source), and UNESCO (source) also gave an excellent explanation of what "Slava" represents to all Serbs and how important this weekend is for me and my family.
So important that I chose to stay at home for two days and be a good host to all our guests.

I greet you now and go to welcome the guests.
I hope that this weekend will be filled with beautiful moments for you too, and when this evening the last guest leaves and when we blow out the candles, I will look at all your stories and I hope to enjoy them as much as you enjoy mine.

With the traditional greeting to all the other Serbs here in Hive who are celebrating today: "Srećna Slava, domaćine! (Happy celebration, hosts!)", I greet you!

Thank you for stopping by my post and I hope you enjoyed the photos and the story I shared with you

All photos are my property, taken with a mobile phone


Happy Celebration!✨

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Thank you dear @monivis , may you be happy, alive and healthy!

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